14 game schedule

The CFL should have a 14 game schedule in a 8 team league. They should have started the regular season in the week of August 6, 2006. They should play the regular season until November 12, 2006. The two teams with the best record in the east and west division should play for the Grey Cup in Winnipeg on November 19, 2006. This would make the Canadian Football League a better league.


The CFL has been how it is now for nearly a hundred years. Why mess with the format now?

actually, no it hasnt been how it is for a hundred yrs. Last yr, we were a nine team league for instance. Its only been somewhere around 20 yrs since we went from 16 to 18 reg season games. The cross over has only been for a few yrs. Things are always changing.

However, 14 games is too few and lack of playoff games is a league killer.

the league just increased the cap, as soft as it was before, how would you pay the players in a gate revenue run league.

RKoyama, you use a lot of "shoulds" but maybe "coulds" might be a bit better I might think. How long have you been following the league and teams BTW, just for curiosity?

Plus, the only real problem with playing 18 games is that when they make the schedule, they make it like retards.

"Well of course, the fans want to see the same match-up 3 weeks in a row! And then put every other team into a home and home, week after week! That makes for exciting football!"

Yeah, as long as we spread out the schedule a little more, 18 games games is fine.

c'mon, everyone knows that this yr is an aboration(sp?) due to last minute rescheduling as a result of Ottawa collapse. It is not usually quite as bad as this yr.

Pyre, the Gades situation was a major factor this year with how the schedule had to be redone. Do you remember what happened BTW?
But I personally like to see the same match-ups 3 weeks in a row, reminds me of hockey playoffs which I love watching the same teams go at each other night after night.

not me, I dont even like back to back. I prefer a balanced schedule with the back half equal to the first half as much as possible.

Only a very casual fan would ask for less football.

or someone who has to pay for kids STs

As illogical as this may sound, I doubt ST prices would go down would there be less games. I'd imagine teams making more profit out of it.

although the sch this years is bad IMO, I do like the baseball likeness of it, but I would never want the league to do it again untill LDC.

as for 14 games and short playoffs, hell no, the way it is now with 18 games, two byes, 3 week playoffs with CO is fine. This guy isn't an NFL fan either, cuz they do 16 games, 1 bye, and an ever bigger playoffs.

I love guys who's first posts are complaints!

You noticed that too!

I want some feedback about six pre season games for the CFL. For example, if the Hamilton Tiger Cats played six pre season games (e.g. 2 games against Toronto, 2 games against Montreal,and finally 2 games against Winnipeg). 3 home games and 3 away games in the CFL to see if Hamilton does improve in the regular season of 14 games. A 14 (7x2) game schedule in which Hamilton plays 7 different opponents.

thats absolutely nuts! How could a team play six preseason games.... Couldnt even imagine the injurys nevermind the utter boredom of watching these games, The league would lose money because they wouldnt sell out for exhibition games just like any other league.

3 Preseason games would be perfect. But not 4 or more, even in the NFL they play 4 and some are saying its too long...

Aren't you the same guy that wanted a 14 game regular season?

I'm sorry, but do you have any idea what 6 football games does to a persons body? THEN have an entire regular season to earn your cash? Even the NFL is considering that 4 preseason games is too much ... and it is. CFL's 2 preseason is perfect.


Clinton Portis sure doesn't want 6 pre-season games, not even 4. Rookies or newbies might like them but not seasoned vets, for good reason:

Portis: Pre-season games 'ridiculous'

"I don't know why myself or any other player of my caliber should be playing in the pre-season," said Portis, a sling over his left shoulder. "I think for the last four years I've done enough to show the world I'm going to be ready for the season."

Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs defended the use of Portis, who ran for a club-record 1,516 yards last season. "If you back off that, you hurt the preparation for your team," Gibbs said. "It's the toughest thing in football. It's a balancing act."

Portis would beg to differ.

"Let's get rid of some of these games," Portis said. "Even the young guys don't need four games to go out and prove themselves. Four games is ridiculous, and then you go out and play a 16-game season, and then you've got the playoffs behind that."

[url=http://www.kentucky.com/mld/kentucky/sports/football/nfl/cincinnati_bengals/15275728.htm]http://www.kentucky.com/mld/kentucky/sp ... 275728.htm[/url]

And as a season ticket holder, any more than 2 and I would probably drop seasons tickets and go for a 5 pack. I don't like paying to watch vanilla offenses and defenses.

If there was 10 minutes of pre-season Portis would STILL be out with a dislocated shoulder.