13th Person

It was interesting to note after Edmonton lost to Saskatchewan how Ritchie blamed "the 13th person".

I'm paraphrasing but he said something like "We have to stop being beaten by the 13th person out there on the field and the 13th person is us."

The 13th man thing, which is still used in CFL advertising, is one of the league's main themes and now Ritchie has gone and used it in a negative connotation (albeit with person replacing man). I hope it doesn't catch on with other coaches.

I'm not sure what Ritchie was getting at. I think he was trying to say that all the mistakes the Eskies were making (drops and fumbles) were the 13th person.

It's also auspicious that he would start using the term in Saskatchewan of all places.

The Eskies also have a “13th person”, which is also “the fans”. As I understand it, someone is chosen to raise the 13th person flag at each home game. Often it is a celebrity or someone deserving of the privilege. I think he meant it more in terms of their own use of the term, not ours.

I enjoyed the football game as always win or lose. So thus, perhaps the Eskimo's should take a little some thing from the Roughriders. Example: On the Fred Stamps fumble late in the game, I seen clearly the Sask. player take a swipe at the ball and guess what? Out came the football. The Roughriders were doing that on numerous other plays as well. As far as the 13th man goes; Is the 13th man (ghost) getting to Coach Hall and the players? Nah I don't think so. Coach Hall did however take a strip off his team in the dressing room before talking to the media after the loss. Hopefully they won't go 0-5 like they did in 1965. But first we need a win over the Blue bombers on Saturday.

if you were to compare the 13th man.. Ours makes the Esks 13th man look like some tiny little bug that you only hear the little "bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz" when he tries to talk!

remember, our fans don't need to be told and reminded to make noise!

but they do need to be reminded when to shut up :twisted: :wink:

Richie may have been referring to the "Too many men" penalty they would have taken had they not called a time out in the 4th quarter when the Riders were going to kick a field goal. If the Esks had taken the penalty the Riders would have had a 1st down so they had to call a time out. Near the end of the game Edmonton could not stop the clock with a time out and therefore they did not get another opportunity with the football.

Just felt like taking a pointless shot at the Eskimos and its fans, eh…

well it's true! when was the last time you heard the announcer in Regina yell out repeatedly "ok fans, make some noise!!!"

hall is a nice guy and was probably said "13th person" cuz he didnt want to offend women who are also at games.

makes sense in todays world.

Who cares? Everyone understands you hate the Eskimo's, but honestly just take a second or two before you hit "submit" and then delete everything you wrote, find someone else's post, and plagiarize it :wink:

^^ Yes, do this from now on. :lol:

cflisbest.. i hear u are a legend around here.. these old guys talk about you all the time.

congrats on bringing traffic to the fan page :slight_smile:

I just wanna tell the truth!..

if you were to compare the fans of every team.. Esks fans would be the ones that drive BMW's and Mercedes and Jaguars and sit in their seats drinking wine and champagne and chat amongst themselves in their suits and with that big shot personality.

Rider fans would be the Ford Focus, Chevy, Chrysler drivers and come in their jeans and golf shirts and have beer and hot dogs and watch the game and then chat with their pals when the final gun goes!

Now we are having a little fun here with the 13th man thing. I'm an Eskie fan and I guess I'm like a Rider fan as I drive a Chevy and go in my Jeans to watch the game and cheer crazy like: When Prefontaine kicks a field into the wind from beyond the 43 yard line and makes it to regain the lead, our section is just buzzin till the final gun goes off. :rockin:

Ah, don't mind cflisthebest. He's just bent because whenever he wants to go to a CFL game, he has to watch the team he hates.

Ya it's amazing what a stadium full of drunks can do!

The Seattle Seahawks do that...well, it's the 12th Man for them...but still. Does Edmonton really do that? I hope they aren't just copying Seattle...

Yes. the Eskimo's raise the 13th man flag before every game. They usually have someone who has had season tickets for many years do it.


The 13th Eskimo: Introduced in 2008 as part of the Eskimos' 60th Season Celebration. The flag represents the loyalty and strength of the Commonwealth stadium faithful. Once the flag has been raised, the Empire is "in the house" and the game can begin. Having said that on July 4th 2010 "Grandma" Carleen Herzog and family got their turn - 4 generations of Eskimo Season Seat Holders. :thup: That's huge, so thus did they copy it from Seattle? Remains irrelevant in my opinion.

hasnt' done them too much good the last 5 years..