13th man

Tho’ a tad smaller crowd, it was certainly a factor, but the 13th man award should go to Pigskin Pete. Late in the 4th quarter, with the Stamps facing a crticial 2nd and long about the 50, Pigskin Pete stood on the ledge facing the north side, Box I and up. He indicated he was going to do the Oskee cheer, but kept looking at the field with a “hold on for now” gesture to the crowd. As soon as Burris got in the huddle and the play was whistled in, he immediately turned around and got the cheer going. It was horrendously loud and when the huddle broke and Burris was at the line, PIgskin Pete implored the crowd to cheer louder. It worked, an exasperated Burris called a time out ( a time out they could sorely have used at the end), and when they came back, the entire stadium was screaming, and the 2nd and long failed.

Kudos to Pigskin Pete for his knowledge of the game and intentional timing that broke up the play and forced the Stamps to blow a time out, as well as the crowd who provided the noise.


Tell me -- is there a message on the scoreboard imploring the fans to be quiet -- i.e. before the snap -- when the Cats are on offense. I know a number of teams do this (Montreal I have good knowledge of) -- this is one aspect that is needed to extend home field advantage!

Oski Wee Wee,