13th man unforgiveable? unbleiveable?

I want to here what people think, great game great finish im a rider fan but Ken Miller some one has to be held accountable no need to plaster them in media but tomorrow morning a coach needs his but kicked. Also I think Ken needs a pat on the back for holding his time out till the end of the game and not blowing it like he did in the grey cup to make a kicker think more about the kick hes about to takhe, way to drop the cahonies ken see it can pay off nice to have a time out when you hAVE TO MANY MEN IN REGULATION.

...way too much emotion, which has resulted in mutiple spelling and grammatical errors...sleep on it, then try again...

I don't think they need to make any big deal about this at all.. besides, they Won the fricken game! so whatever!!

Would you have said the same had the lost which they very well could’ve?
If I were a Rider fan i’d drop the whole “we’re the 13th man!!!” thing right about now.

Why would the fans drop it? It's not like the fans are the ones who made the error.

When the penalty came in overtime, the people around me were laughing about it, rather than being upset. It's kind of an "it's in the past" thing for many of us...

Ultimately you can either fire Miller or the new ST coordinator... Both actions would be counter productive IMO.

All you can do is laugh at it. At least yesterday's screw up didn't cost the Riders anything.

Last night's counting error wasn't the fault of the ST - it was on the defense.

ya.. it's unfortunate but i'm sure a coach will be read the riot act and he'll never make that mistake again.

I said the same thing 7 months ago, go figure.

different coach! haha

But there was also a counting error on ST when they only had 11 men on for the Als FG in OT.

They need to start dealing with this in practice so the mistake doesn't keep happening.

It's a different ST coach this year. Quite frankly, it's a freak coincidence it happened again, imo.

I just don't see this as a big deal at all. People are making a big deal out of nothing.

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: You guys are all wrong!!!!!!!!!

When a defensive co-ordinator yells , "... I want so and so double-teamed!!" someone on the bench took it literally!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

:cowboy: :rockin:

RIDER PRIDE NATION WIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im sure they will..

but it can't continue to happen. they had that one situation where they had 14??? oh my.

luckily they called a time out

Maybe it's just me, but if my team lost the grey cup because of it and nearly lost the opener because of it I wouldn't wanna be associated with it in any way...

...first of all, they're not "my" team, as I don't play for them or own them. They're simply the team I pull for when they play. Secondly, I go to a game to be entertained. Was I entertained? Absolutely. Does a team winning or losing ruin my day? Absolutely not. Does a counting error mean anything to me personally? Hell no...

must be one of those fans with sore knees... bandwagon jumping at its finest..

How is that bandwagon jumping?I'm just saying that if I was all about the "13th man" thing and we lost the cup because of that and nearly lost the opener to that, I wouldn't bother with it anymore.