13th man question

I'm watching the Cards-Packers game right now, and someone on Arizona just got called for an illegal substitution - leaving through the back on the endzone.

After the Grey Cup there was a lot of discussion about who should've left and how... and I know a couple people suggested the guy in the endzone should've just backed off the field, but the penalty in the NFL game has me wondering if this would've been possible. Does anyone know the rule for the CFL? Could the 13th man have backed out, or would the Riders have been called for illegal substitution instead of too many men?

i thought i was the only one watching that game. my understanding was its the same... player has to leave at the sideline to his bench.

The rule book says:

A player leaving the game shall proceed directly to the Sideline on which the team bench is located and, thence, outside the Field of Play to the team bench.

Guess that ends that mystery. :lol: Thanks for finding the rule, Blue Blood.

Nah, I'm a football junkie, so I follow both leagues closely. :smiley:

Its not that cut and dry.
Even if he ran off the field at the sideline, they still can be called for 2 many men in the huddle

A team that permits more than 12 players to participate in its huddle or formation before the ball is snapped shall be subject to a penalty for illegal substitution.
Cuthbert said "It looked like someone ran on late into the endzone" If that was the case then its still illegal substitution
The side officials (Head Linesman and Line Judge) shall monitor the team bench on their sides of the field and, when the ball becomes dead, shall observe that Sideline for possible substitutions. When Team A breaks the huddle, or if no huddle, and the Referee declares the ball in play, the side officials shall turn away from the Sidelines and raise their arms to shoulder level. (“Raising the gates.?) Further substitution shall not be permitted.
I dont think there is anything that you can do.......you're toast

If that is the case, then how come the officials didn't throw the flag until the ball was snapped? If they counted 13 men the huddle or in formation, then they could thrown the flag before the play even started.

They never throw a flag before the ball is snapped. Why? I dont know.

The unpenalized team gets a chance to accept the play as played or the penalty.

Oh? They blow down plays before the snap on offsides, time counts, and illegal procedures... copet's point seems more likely.

First of all, you asked why they didnt throw the flag, not blow the whislte

They will only blow the play down on offside or Illegal procedure if there is contact between players.
And yes on time count

Sorry, I meant to say that they throw flags before the snap of the ball.. and that is usually followed by a whistle too...

Presumably either team could call a time out before the ball is snapped, though I think the 'riders had already used theirs.

Yes, the Riders, inexplicably to some, used their time-out after letting the clock run down on a 3rd down punt play.

Yep I thought that was a bonehead decision then, and still do now.

Im still not sure it would have made a difference because of the too many men in the huddle aspect.

I should ask the ref!

If the refs had thrown the flag prior to the snap , then it would be a case of interference . It would have amounted to the refs doing the count for the team so they could avoid the major penatly and only getting a minor penalty instead of major like what you saw . It's like some other penalties that are issue as soon as the ball is snapped because the infrction doesn't count until it actually happens . That would be my understanding anyway and it is the correct way to go about it . Can't count of the refs to make up for not counting yourself .



My uncle picked me and my wife up from the Calgary airport. In the car ride to the hotel he was telling us how he remembers the 1976 Grey Cup game. He talked about how it still makes him sick to his stomach, just thinking about it. It was a last play kind of loss too.

I never would have guessed that I would then watch in person the the CFL's most painful Grey Cup loss ever! This is the new 1976 Grey cup for Roughrider fans. That was the sickest way to lose a championship. :frowning:

NO! The sickest way to lose a championship is to scratch and claw your way to the Grey Cup, only to see your QB's arm broken as he dives into a pile to recover a fumble with the game in hand, and then watch your pivotless team lose the Grey Cup by one point to a bunch of undeserving chumps.

Karma's a b!tch, Saskatchewan.

Actually it was 4 points. The trauma blocked it out. I had to look it up 23-19 :frowning:

Wow, and they call us Rider fans bitter.... :roll: