13th man- Noisemakers available outside Mosiac!


Another sell-out at Mosiac (Taylor Field). The noise will be a factor. I wish the Leos well. They will need it big time. :cowboy:

[url=http://purchase.tickets.com/buy/TicketPurchase?organ_val=21942]http://purchase.tickets.com/buy/TicketP ... _val=21942[/url]

Singles still available. Limit 4 per person was enforced and some tickets were released

noise…outdoor stadium…less than 55,000…pshaw

Lions could have 60,000 along with their piped in noise and taylor field with 31,000 would still be louder this is no secret as anyone that watches the game knows this. Canadians in the thousands across Canada will once again cheer along with thousands of other Rider fans and experience an incredible showing at another sold out game!

I see the Riders have joined the Leafs as Canada's team...

I guess if you are talking about how the Leafs games are sold out, and how the Leafs organization makes money and is successful. The difference is the Riders win and the Leafs stink.

Sorry Riderfan23, but the Dome does allow BC place to become louder. Its just the way it is. And after the puppets obey their masters and scream when they tell them, it gets very loud, louder than Taylor Field.

Chief I think you meant the center of the Universe :roll:

Now you’re getting it.

Riders have not joined the Leafs its been something thats been know for quite a few years now :slight_smile: glad you brought it up though, Billysoup have you been in BC place to watch a game i have and believe me its not that loud of a building only when there is big games but on a regular basis its not a loud crowde the is more of an echo then anything esle which would be from the lack of fans. when its full of course its loud but how often is that only when they get a home playoff game. You don't see crowdes waving flags all over and pounding drums and all painted up you will see this in other places more in Regina, Lions fans are more passive takes quite allot to get them into the game. I've been to a few Lions games over the years and did enjoy them but does not compare anywhere near what you experience at Taylor field

Yes I have been to BC Place for a game. I was talking Max Volume. Max volume of BC place is higher than in Taylor Field. I would say you are right that Taylor field is way louder on average. But for a playoff game BC Place gets very loud. Taylor field just doesn't need prompting for when to cheer.


Turkey there will be no more noise my friend other then people laughing from you running around in a feline costume.