138 for Milt (hopefully) in the distant future!

Are you CFL fans ready for Milt to become truly the best?! 8) :thup:
Woo! This Thursday is gonna be a game that we'll all remember for a very long time. :wink:

The best thing is that I'll be in attendance to witness it all as well w/ the packed house of Canad Inns! :smiley:

Like the rest of the BB season of course... hah! :stuck_out_tongue:

138! 138! 138!

Get it done!!![/b]

It's going to happen tomorrow night throughout the game. :wink:
Since no one's responded so far [UNBELIEVABLE :o!]... I hope the most of you will at least catch Milt break a HUGE record on TSN & a great game over all, too! :lol:

I'll be in attendance, of course. 8)

What a season-opener it's gonna be for the Bombers!
Go Blue! Milt 4 138! :smiley:

Gonna be a fantastic CFL game... :thup:

.....UNLESS....the Als. dbs. drop off all coverage on all the other receivers...and double and triple team Milt....i would say he has a very good shot at BREAKING the record........wait a minute.....even if the Als. do triple cover......it's gonna get done .......GO MILT.....

Especially with it being a home game, they are gonna try to let him get the record

...absolutely he is going to get it at home...and well deserved it will be...

I got my tickets. Can't wait

Well, this Friday seems more appropriate anyway. :wink:

Milt more than likely will do it against the Esks; the team he has made his ***** for quite some time now. It's gonna be something remarkable! :smiley:

I'd love to go on for more, but I'll save it for later OBVIOUSLY.
I'm glad he didn't get it against the Als anyway. 8)

Go Blue! Go Milt!

Get the record in the first quarter so any stoppage doesn't affect the game too much. It would really blow if he gets the touchdown with five minutes left in the 4th and the game is tied.

Or Milt & Kevin can save it for the last five seconds in the game this Friday like he's done to the Esks before. :wink:

I'd prefer later on in the game... just because it would be so HUGE!
Early on, and the Esks are probably dead before the game even started. :lol:


Go Milt!!!

I really hope Milt gets it at home this week. The man truly deserves it. He has been an excellent receiver for many years, carries himself with class, and the league is much better off for having him over the years.
Go Milt!

Milt will get the TD record vs. Edmonton at Canad Inns stadium.

But it won't be until the Banjo Bowl that Milt becomes the best Receiver of all time, when he breaks Allen Pitts Receiving yards record that it.

Man, the refs have been brutal with Milt in the past two games... quite sad, but anyway.

Chocolate Milt, just get it over with in Montreal. :lol:

This feels like it's going to go on forever!
Get the TD over with, then the Blue can focus on the games which are a lot more important: getting the victories!

Sorry to bring this thread back up from the dead, but it's still an important matter. :smiley:

Go Blue!

Maybe it won't be until Hamilton that he gets the record.

How can Hamilton stop Milt? although seems Sanchez is injured so that helps Milts chances, no dirty sanchez.

Your title is karma. It should be in the not to distant future :wink:

You know, I tried to help out before the season started. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Bomber posters wanted a Grey Cup ring for Milt. I said release him, and maybe the Lions would pick him up and he could achieve his dream. :wink: :wink: :wink:

If you like, I could speak to Wally. :wink: If you want to release Milt, Wally could try to fit him into the line up and Pierce or Jackson could toss him the record breaking TD! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Pappa and Piggy my friedns is he there yet! Pappa and piggy is he there yet! Pappa and piggy is he there yet!Pappa and piggy is he there yet!Pappa and piggy is he there yet!Pappa and piggy is he there yet!Pappa and piggy is he there yet!


Is anyone else hoping he doesn't get it anytime soon? :lol: I'm kind of enjoying the drought. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it for the fact it is opening up the passing game for the rest of the receivers :slight_smile:


Mark my words, Uncle Milty breaks the record at home next week against Hamilton!