130-91-2 Record

All time: Hamilton over Toronto

Tonight, Hamilton puts another tick in the W column against the Centre of the Universe!

centre of the universe? astronomy is clearly another thing Toronto sucks at!!

but im down for them seeing stars this evening!!

GO GET EM TIGERS!!!!! :rockin:


Oh, and btw,


130-92-2 now.
Hamilton and Toronto now TIED for first.

Btw, grey Cup victories:
Argonauts 16; Hamilton, not as many. And none since 1999.

Hamilton gave Arblows the game, and by the way argo fans are a JOKE just like the city ! More Ticats Fans than Argo fans and still only 17,000 :roll:

Sorry tc23. Yes it was a pathetic crowd - probably only about 15,000 actually there - but Ti-Cats fans did not outnumber Argos fans. Not even close. I would say at least 3/4 were Argos fans. The Cats fans that were there were louder through the first 55 minutes no doubt but the Argos fans there finally got up off their butts and made some noise in the last minute of the game.

As expected, you can dish it out but can’t take it.
Suck it up LOSER! :stuck_out_tongue:

Argos won. Ti-cats lost.
That is a fact.

Also, your attendance and distribution estimates are completely wrong.
TPB’s assessment is absolutely correct - Hamilton fans were minimal.

Anyway, go sulk for a couple of weeks when the rematch occurs and we do this all over again. With the same result. :lol: