13 Lions named 2008 West Division All-Stars

The BC Lions Football Club is pleased to announce that a division-high 13 players have been named to the 2008 CFL West Division All-Star team.

Geroy Simon, Paris Jackson, Jason Jimenez, and Rob Murphy, were named to the offensive team with Cam Wake, Brent Johnson, Aaron Hunt, Javier Glatt, Korey Banks, Barron Miles, and Dante Marsh getting defensive honours.

On special teams, both kicker-punter Paul McCallum and return man Ian Smart made the squad.

What do you think about these selections? Tell us here.

Javy glatt?You gotta be kidding?Not after what I saw him do the past 2 games.

Over the entire season he was pretty good. don't judge him on just a few plays.

I voted (lots).

Great job Lions...now go prove you deserve it in the upcoming game (we know you will).

Well put debralynn....some of them have not been performing up to their recent billing lately. C'mon guys, play up to your capabilities and you will see the results. :thup:

I thought the media did the voting???

Maybe debralynn is part of the media? debralynn??