13 DB's and 11 LB's Signed for Camp

Anyone else think that the 'D' may look somewhat different this year?

Definitely looking forward to this new "D". A great deal of changes on the defensive side of the ball. I'm sure we'll do fine.

It has to look different, we need new guys back there that can cover. We gave up the most yardage through the air of any team in the league last year.

Can any of them run a pass pattern that's NOT a seven-yard-out?! If so, we might have a spot for them on offence too!

Oh!Oh! And if they can actually CATCH the ball after running a route, that'd be swell!

I'm feeling optimistic about the team this year.
The new coaching staff appears to be determined to add height and speed to our pass receivers, quickness and determination to our defensive backs and weight to our offensive line.
Judging from the selection of candidates for training camp, I'd guess that we'll see improvement also in our defensive line and special teams.
Obviously, work is also getting done to improve our kicking game.

I don't expect a grey cup this year, although that would be the icing on the cake. I do expect vast improvement, however over the last few years and very obvious potential to do better in the years ahead.

A grey cup win for 2008 is not out of the question. Stranger things have happen in the CFL.