Thats what I'm calling it..... :rockin: WHOS IN :cowboy:


Don't you think the kids will hate going back to school on the 14th??? :smiley:

Stupid thumb :stuck_out_tongue:

I can't see Montreal and Hamilton being a (Labour day Game)

So, its going to be on the 13th Aug :thup:

Chatted with a few ARGO fans and they say the same, 13th Aug :rockin:

i think that will be a great game no its not on labour day but it is a saturday at 7 at night that will give us fans all day to tailgate and any time the argos are in town its intense on the feild and in the stands this game is a for sure circle check in my pocket schedule

Who cares! :lol:

and how about making the "Canada Day" game a classic too. I'm sure a lot of teams would like to host a Canada Day game, but the last time we hosted it there was maybe 19,000 in the stands and we had the usual excuses like "too many people out of town" If Montreal can sell out every game with a smaller population, why can't we?

Come on there are 4 or 5 million people in our region (45 minute drive) we should be selling out every game.

You may be correct that there are 4 to 5 million people within a 45 minute drive of IWS, but I wouldn't call all of that "our region". A 45 minute drive takes you to the other side of Mississauga, which I would think the Argh-hoes might consider to be in their region. How many of these 4 to 5 million people actually live closer to their stadium than ours? (Mississauga - pop. 668,549)

And I'm ignoring Buffalo for now, although they probably draw off at least a few dozen people out of "our region".

-Too much CNN- syndrome :wink: (I got it too)

July 1 2009 Toronto 30 Hamilton 17 attendance 23, 211 FYI to Negative Nelly

You know that's a bad example, given the team had been in turmoil the previous 5 seasons.

Whether its a bad example or not its the truth unlike the 19,000 lie

Ah, I should have read the previous posts. I thought you were suggesting the crowd at this years Canada Day game would be similar to the one of 2009.

18 game sched? All games are Labour Day games for me.