13 1/2 points?

In all these CP articles regarding the new GM, they are saying that the Ticats are averaging only 13.5 points a game. That figure has been touted on the radio as well.

Am I missing something? I calculate 183 points in 11 games makes for 16.63 points on average. Nothing like making a bad thing sound worse.

I tried averaging home games, thinking maybe that's what they meant. But in the five home games this year the Ticats have averaged less than 9 points. :o

I see the same figure in a TSN article about Paopao from yesterday. I'm guessing that someone hit the 3 key instead of the 6 on their keypad, very easy to do. It's interesting how the media just borrows facts and figures from other stories without checking them. That would seem an easy thing to check, too.

I'm guessing if you subtract defensive touchdowns and conceded safeties the number is closer to 13.5.

Thanks for clarifying it, JFL, that's it exactly.

It is offensive points, not total points.

One of the radio broadcasters said on a podcast that I just listened to again, that "The Ticats are averaging just 13.5 points per game", but I think all the articles correctly say "The offence has scored 13.5 on average per game"

So rather than give a little light to a situation the press(as usual) take the lowest you can go and ahem run with it...lol