12th Mitchell Bowl Discussion

Saturday 4:00 eastern on Sportsnet 360 - Western vs Calgary

After the way Western embarrassed my Gaels last weekend I'm really pulling for Calgary in this one, and I don't think it's far fetched at all to believe the Dino's can win this game. Maybe it's the OUA focused media, but the 8-0 Dino's seem to be the Rodney Dangerfield's of the CIS this season: they get no respect.

Just curious, is anyone from here going to both this game AND the Riders/Stamps game this weekend?

Looks like the elements are going to be a bit of a nightmare for the players in this one. 10 cm of snow and feeling like -18C. Gotta LOVE bad weather games!

I just check the Calgary weather. Conditions are definitely going to be a factor.

Mustangs will win I predict, well I hope anyways. :wink:

Ok...I know it's cold and snowy, and I know the Stamps are in the West final in 24 hours...but what is up with the crowd there? Seriously what the hell is this?

17-0 Dinos end of the 1st. :slight_smile:

U of Calgary is likely one of the poorest drawing teams in the CIS. For their two playoff games, they drew a total of 1500 people. U of Toronto does better.
Looks like Western may be having problems adjusting to the weather. Finch being hurt doesn't help either.

Looks like Finch is done.

Yeah the Mustangs are clearly not digging the cold. Look at the body language. Another MAJOR factor is that the Dinos are physically beating the crap out of the Mustangs like I haven't seen a team do in a LONG time.

Yep, jut as I wrote that last post Finch threw an INT and took a block on the return. His day is done.

Wow, Finch is back. Western must have one of those soccer "magic sponges".

let's look at our recent history of the Calgary-Laval rivalry:

2011 Mitchell Bowl - Laval win 41-10 at Calgary
2010 Vanier Cup - Laval win 29-2 at Ste. Foy
2008 Uteck Bowl - Laval win 59-10 at Ste. Foy

Attendance was 1,224. Way to support your Dinos and CIS football, Calgary! :thdn:

People are dying on the highways in and outside of Calgary due to a snow storm ! Maybe Football is not the most important thing at the moment in the city . :roll:

Is that why their attendance was crap last week vs Manitoba too?

The Dino's have the best program in western Canada as far as university ball goes. Too bad no one really cares. Not much media attention given. Total dominance today. finch is sposed to be the best Canadian QB. didn't see much today. too bad tsn doesn't care about CIS. sad when sportsnet cares more

TSN has U.S college football and if your running a business, Id go with a league that rivals the NFL in popularity. TSN isn't obligated to show cis. Let's be honest, it's not exactly breath taking football. TSN saved the CFL , that's good enough for me.

I suppose it would be nice if TSN paid more attention to CIS, but Sportsnet does a very good job with it.

I get why The Dinos would be overshadowed by the Stamps to an extent, but 1,200 people for a Bowl game is pathetic. What really blows my mind is that from what I saw there was no student section. How do UCal not bus in 3,00 students to take up the endzone?

By this logic no network should bother with anything CFL, highlights or otherwise, except TSN.

Sportsnet bid higher for CIS games, that's the way it goes I guess.

Congrats to the Dinos, well deserving.