12 yards rushing


Plain and simple... not gonna get it done!

time to put in a call to cory boyd

Right... because he is so sought after


Austin Don’t like run the ball The O-line Awful and That the problem

It been that way All season …

Montreal Defence is good as ours a loss and it over next week

Cats Blew the East Final Tonight

They be lucky to be in the east Semi

You really don't think Ottawa will beat us next week, do you??

Never mind.. that was a rhetorical question

Still only 9 rushing attempts as well. Madu did have 5 catches for almost 40 yards.
The Argos aware of the low running attempts pinned their ears back and came after Collaros.
I would wonder with a similar kind of non rushing loss to the Argos last year they came back with a special running package for Masoli. As well also had in full affect the Lefevour wildcat package.
Masoli has had a huge problem holding onto the ball.
McGee, however does have running ability where the Lefevour wildcat package can be re instated.
Still Grigbsy was able to run the ball very well for Winnipeg before he was keyed on. So they have a running back who has success in running the ball this season.
Ottawa as well has gotten all of their defenses involved now with plenty of blitzing from the LB spot as well as a big rotation of National d lineman that have been getting after the QB

Running is an integral part of the game. I don't understand why Austin doesn't do more of it.

He is a very unorthodox type coach to rely almost solely on his pass game.

you need an O line to run well , time to leave the Defense alone and get some guys who can open holes on Offense

We have them, but both Wojt and Dyakowski are on the IR...

That's the problem, half of our Oline is on the sidelines. Grigsby is still new to the system. I didn't think our run game would be a factor, and it wasn't.

Filer is terrible!

How is Cory Boyd going to change Austin's offensive philosophy?

By far the worst centre in the league. But don't say that here. We have to let him grow into the position, apparently (even though he's already in his 3rd season).

These "O" linemen are fed a lot of steroids to make them big and aggresive so I don't think they can make him grow any more.

Guys our new RB has only been
Here a few days! And when we
Get Peterbuilt back things will start to come , if you build it they will come along! NO we are just fine at RB NOW :roll:

Things won’t change just because Dyakowski is able to play. He has not played a down of football in almost one year. In order for this running game problem to be fixed, Austin has to change his mindset. Running the ball is important and Austin is not willing to make the effort to change his systems. Passing the ball will a relatively new and very young quarter requires patience. The passing game started to work when Collaros dinked and dunked the ball for high percentage passes. Throwing the long ball is ok only when the db is completely out of the picture. However, the passing game was short lived when the OLine is unable to get to the second level and provide holes for the running back. Yes the Oline has players at 300 lbs plus,
however the weight is useless unless you have good feet and hands. I do not see this with the current linemen we have.

Anyone with any football sense understands the value of the run game. Austin has two major personality flaws, he won’t fix the obvious and he is not very good at selecting talent considering other teams can easily plug and play players and not loose a beat. I am getting a little tired of Austin’s inability to recognise the obvious and get someone to scout talented players that other teams can easily find.

Great points, it would be a smart move for the organization to Make Tillman GM and have coach focus on coaching !

Having both of your recently all star and top Olineman out for the season at both OG spots that's tough to replace. Especially when you really did not plan for both of them to be out. Already Hage was planned ahead to be left unprotected in the expansion draft and compiling a 10 year career.