12 Tonight

sooo my idea is every1 is stayin up late on here tonight? lol, u guys tihkn ne signings will happen early?? who else is stayin up late to find out with me?

12 am is late now?

It is when you start work at 0330 :cry: :cry:

No contact is supposed to be made with a free agent unless the team has granted permission.
B.C. has done that with Thelwell.
It will be interesting to see how quickly a contract agreement can be magically reached overnight.

ya, everyone said that last year too... but then lo and behold Barrin Simpson signed with wpg at 12:01

Not quite the same crop as last year, but we'll see some interesting moves early i'd say.

LOL ... I remember that ...

FA coverage/scoops are easier .... in Lotus-land time

meh ill be on here so

lemme know what happens, i'll be back around three from the bar