12 tix to game

A dozen tickets for tomorrow. Between the 50s and whispering range of bench

Lemme know if you want em


Sorry all...they are gone. I will likely have some more next week as well
PS...I don't post em if they are not free

If I lived in Regina ...

can be a trek yup.
on the bright side I had several messages so got rid of them fast.
I usually end up landing a bulk of tickets somehow or another a few times a year and the odd box…never really a problem getting rid of them…once or twice right before a long weekend took some effort. Never leave a seat empty…that is my motto

A nice gesture depop.

Thanks...the boy felt he should get them this go...feels he is ready....he is is still in grade school lol

I asked how he was going to get 11 friends to the game and he said "you can give us a ride," to which I informed him that was about 10 people too many. Then he suggested I rent a bus LOL