12 Jerks and No Squirt

So I've managed to burn through all my free tickets for Jun 22 already.

4 to my new international friends, (I'd call them Atlantatonians, though not to their faces) majordawg and Mrs majordawg. They plan to bring thier nephew and of one his friends. majordawgs pretty pumped about it.

4 more went to my neighbor. He'll be bringing his wife and two young boys (I'd guess 6 and 8 years old). Neither his wife or boys have ever been to Ivor Wynne. Guarantee they get the bug or your money back I told them. Easy promise to keep.

2 more to buddies at work.

Tori isn't cheering in that game, so by my calculations including Tammy and I thats 12 jerks and no squirt. Look out Als!!!!!!

Now to explain Football 101.