12 Hours for travel? Way to go CFL!!!

Are you kidding me? The Cfl plans travel for a team that has to traverse the country the day before a playoff game, which turns out to take 12 hours because of a variety of reasons. Who cares about those reason why the hell os the league sending a team from the west the day before a playoff game? I'll tell you why, because they really don't want the crossover and this is the only way they can make sure the crossover team stays in the losing column. Don't get me wrong we played the first half like a bunch of idiots but there must be some kind of explaination for this kind of league debacle. I have to say it is getting really hard to watch this game. I love it but there needs to be some fixes and the number one fix being instant replay. These ref's blow calls in every game!!!! they are only human yes but they don't make minor mistakes they are usually big ones!! :twisted: javascript:emoticon(':twisted:')
Twisted Evil

Sounds like excuses to me. Good teams overcome these obstacles. The only one on the Rider staff that was upset by it was Shivers.....Barrett and the players had no issue with it.....if they didn't, you shouldn't either.....

Not making excuses lets just keep things on an equal footing.

Then perhaps they should have taken the money out of their own pocket for the extra day.....Montreal was only responsible for costs incurred from Saturday to Monday.....if the Riders wanted a more even footing, they could have gone to Montreal earlier.....they didn't.....

Oh please.
I dont know why there were delays but to blame the league has got to be the dumbest thing I ever heard. The team desides when to travel not the league.

Actually ro1313 in the cases of Playoffs it is the league, who does the travel arrangements, But like jm02 said the Riders could have chosen to come in on Friday, and pay for it themselves. I think they should have. But this definetly is not why they lost.

I told a friend we would lose if we turned the ball over more than once. Unfortunately, that was too true. Those turnovers were huge, in a negative way, for us.

I agree that the travel problems were completely bush since the CFL was supposed to have it all planned. But i don't think its a valid excuse for your team losing. They showed up in the second half and played pretty well.

Maybe the league makes the "arangemnts" but I am sure they dont say "YOU ARE LEAVING ON SATURDAY AND THATS FINAL"

Anybody know exactly what the delays were?
Canceled flights?
Long layovers?

......12 hours?.......I fly from Calgary to Toronto in four, to Montreal in five and Regina is an hour east of Calgary, so like flight time is four hours.......where does the extra eight hours come from?....

Maybe it's because we don't change our clocks for DST.....

I believe it was some delays in Winnepeg.

I don't know for sure though.

And the 12 hours (or however much time it was) was from the time they left untill the time they got to their hotel. They had always planned on going straight to the press conference. I believe they were late for this as well.

And redandWhite, a lot of times flights in Regina go through Calgary or Winnipeg. Unfortunately we don't get nearly the air coverage you guys get. Direct flights are a lot harder to get. So that adds a bit.

I use to live in Ottawa and one flight had a stop in Winnipeg and then to Regina and another stopped in Toronto, then went over Regina to Calgary before going to Regina.

CFL already apologized for the incident…they swore it will never happen again…welll unless it envolves the RIDERS…Conspiracy!!! :slight_smile: