12 Bombers and Argos fined

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/2009/09/30/11218671-cp.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 71-cp.html[/url]

Including Bishop :roll:

Well, Bishop acted in a totally unappropriate mannor. He didn't get his hands dirty, but he was high fiving and rallying the troops after the fight as if they just scored the game winning TD. If anything you should be telling your players off for being so stupid, not cheering them on and celebrating over it.


yeah...I'm sure he got fined for High-fiving and rallying...

bishop got fined for running in there and most likely was saying some not so nice things when he did...
not for high fiving... im personally happy these guys get pumped and stick up for each other... despite all the crap from this year and the losing record they seem to be together as a team which you cant teACH

A well placed source that overheard the entire event reports this...... Bishop said that Adriano Bellis mother wore army boots. I dont know if thats true or not? But thems fighting words :rockin:

Where in there do you see that I say that's why he got fined? Anywhere? thought not. I wasn't stating that that's why I thought he got fined, I'm just saying that was totally inappropriate and that he shouldn't have congratulated his teammates for that. Don't put words in my mouth please and thank you.

I don't think Bishop did anything wrong. He was rallying the troops. especially in light that belli wanted to throw punches at Bishop.
If anything that was an injustice is that Belli got off light. Wanting to injure a QB, he should have gotten at least a suspension.

Why would you bring up Bishop's name first, when Belli started the whole mess and deserved what ever he got back. He's a joke !
Bishop was just standing up for himself and wouldn't let Belli the moron intimidate him .

.DO I ....no it cant' be .....I thought i just saw a little support for a Bomber player from housedog....could've knocked me down with a feather...Maybe there's hope yet...Go housedog :rockin:

Actually I think this picture may indicate why Bishop was fined:
Not much force behind it but I guess it's the thought that counts. :lol:

Clearly you implied that. The only post prior mentioned Bishop receiving a fine...then you chipped in with 'how he didn't get his hands dirty' but 'was high fiving' ...and don't get me started on your spelling and grammar...sheesh... 'unappropriate' ... 'mannor' tsk...if I did put words in your mouth, rest assured they would be grammatically correct...BAD KITTY!


With Belli & Murphy on the same team, it's no wonder Andrus just shakes his head.

Good job by the league, fine'em all, no place for brawling in football.