11th Uteck Bowl Discussion

Saturday at 12:30 eastern on Sportsnet 360.

Well...anyone want to be crazy in the coconut and go on record saying that Mount Allison will give Laval a run, let alone win this Saturday?

If there has ever been a genuine cinderella team in CIS football; the Mounties may be it. The smallest football school in the country HOSTING their first ever Uteck Bowl against the mighty Rouge et Or.

The atmosphere will be very interesting considering MacAulay Field only seats around 2,500 and the population of Sackville is just 6,000...if they bring in temp seating we could see more people at the game then actually live in the town in which it's being played!

As much as I want to see the Mounties pull out the upset of the century...they are going to get decimated.

Looks like they are expecting close to 10k for the game. Did they ever consider playing this game in Moncton? It's great to see and I am glad to see Mt. A. there, but I just hope they're prepared for the slaughter their going to see at the hands of Laval. :frowning:

I had heard that they were considering having this game at Saint Mary's. Very glad they decided against it, I would have to call b.s. as this is Mount Allison's HOME game, they earned the right to host it and hopefully they are able to give Laval a game.

Well, let the slaughter begin. Can a football game be declared over before the end of the first quarter.

Not so fast...the Mounties are marching down the field here.

TD Mount A! :rockin:

Looked promising there for a bit, but Mt A let Laval off the hook to easily. Three touchdowns is not insurmountable, but I've seen nothing from Mt A so far that says they can do it. My fingers are crossed though.

48-21 Laval final. Honestly Mount Allison represented themselves very well. Not a thing to be ashamed of at the smallest football school in the country!