1150 TSN Hamilton - Wow is all I can say

Saw a few earlier threads complaining about TSN Hamilton's coverage vs CHML's coverage, and a newer thread complaining about content on the station.

Not sure what they were listening to but honestly I was thrilled and incredibly surprised with how much coverage the Ticats received - hours upon hours.

To start - the wow is a 2 hour pre game show and a 2 hour post game show - again WOW. I loved listening to CHML and still go back and forth between the two stations to listen to the Fifth Quarter...but come on folks, let's be honest, each and every one of you were ticked in previous years when a game went longer than expected and CHML cut the Fifth Quarter to less than an hour...only to run a re-run from a 1920's radio soap opera....

Secondly, I listened to much of today and -WOW- we now have a Ticats lunch simliar to Leafs Lunch....never thought I'd see that day. Then I listened to Steve Milton and Marshall Ferguson at 4pm. The first full hour was 100% Ticats coverage.

Yes they had a sindicated morning drive-in show but come on how can anyone complain about the coverage today. Aside from the morning, every time I tuned in it was Ticats talk!!!!

Keep up the good work.

A great opening day for TSN1150. The constant TiCat chat was great.

Loved Mike and Mike in the morning and Dan Patrick’s show is absolutely brilliant. I’m sure Dan Patrick will eventually be replaced by a “made in Hamilton” show (I suggest the hiring of Mike Hogan to fill that time-slot) .

Marsh and Milton may take some time to grow on me, as I still listen to the Bobcat or Dave Naylor…but I guess now that will all depend on the guest and topic.

Nice to have that alternative.

This made me laugh. Its so true. I remember growing up and my dad putting the radio on and just shaking his head.

I do agree, it appears there are competing 5th Quarter shows on, and while the quality of the new one appears to have room for improvement we really should support the station that plays the game. If we step up our game with the quality of calls, they will step up theirs.

I listened to CKOC for the first half of the Aug 27th game against Montreal while driving home from the Brantford area to Peterborough. I enjoyed the play by play coverage of the game. Andy is pretty good, easy to listen to and shows a lot of promise. The smartest move of all by TSN Radio was keeping Coach Sal as the colour commentator.
I got the sense that CKOC was in with both feet as far as Tiger-Cat coverage is concerned.....not surprising considering they are part of a sports network. I think the Tiger-Cats will be well served with this new broadcasting arrangement. :thup:

So long as they don't add Rod Black to the broadcast of Tiger-Cat games he was terriable once again on Monday, so pro-Argo it's like they couldn't do anything wrong, even when the Argo's were down by 20 points with the three minute warning to the end of the game he was reminding the viwers that this is the CFL and the Argo's still have a chance although they haven't scored more than 12 points all game?

Black had his nose so far up the Argo's Arse along with ref Steve Foxcroft that you would think that they were on the payroll, oh yah I forgot Black was because Bell owns TSN and the Arblows!!!


So is he supposed to say "This game's over, go watch something else"?


I like it!!

can we just merge the 2 tsn stations together. did we need a pro and con thread?

Can you get the man's name RIGHT FFS?

BIGCAT slays me. He must have missed - the what - one hundred times or more that Rod said something positive about the Ti-Cats or how 'hot' they were comparing them to the weather I don't know how many times - I lost count. Never mind how often he talked about how they were dominating the Argos and returning to their usual THF form after an off game against the Als.

And numerous negative comments about the Argos poor effort.

Instead he latches on to one or two comments about the Argos being in it still - and goes off the deep end about it.

Do you live your life that way BigCat - being oblivious to all the good stuff around you and missing any good comments - instead going off on any perceived slight - with the VERY rare comment you find a slight disagreement with - whether real or imaginary? :roll:

I think it's great we have a sports station to call our own however....
Why does it sound like the hosts are talking into a pillow?
And this holds true for the TSN mother station in Toronto.

I can't listen to it because I have to strain my ears to try and follow what they're discussing.

... And no its not my stereo.
Anyone who thinks differently, switch back and forth with the Fan.... It's night and day.

"hey Kid, what cha doin?... Praying for more watts..."

i like Milton. i heard him a few times before on Bobcat's show. i couple years back told that Steve that i enjoyed him on that program and he said he was never invited back. i'd say that's 1150's gain.

as long as Tatti is working the Argos games, i don't like him hosting the noon Ticats show. i'm pretty sure it's even broadcast from 1050 in Toronto. today he had Sandy Annunziata in studio and i'd be surprised if he was in Hamilton. this would prevent having in studio Ticats guests. i know it's early yet and things may still change.

This city should want nothing to do with Mike Hogan ... bush league radio personality and voice of the Argos.


Total agreement. And goes double for their dude on the pre game shows

The LD broadcast went out at least 5-6 times during the game, and when it did they just played commercials. When they finally would come back, they never once explained why or apologized regarding the issues.

The play by play guy also needs a lot of work.

Coach Sal has always been near perfect. Perfect radio voice also.

Today on TiCats Lunch
1st - Coach Reinebold :thup:
2nd - Coach Sal :thup:
3rd - Drew Edwards :thup:
4th - Paul Lapolice :thup:
Chris Schultz

Fantastic coverage, love it! :rockin:
You will NOT!!! find better CFL coverage anywhere on any station. Period!

Sorry but TSN 1150 SUCKS :thdn:

Well, I was grateful it is there, since the clowns at TSN chose to put the game on TSN 1 and 5 or whatever. TSN4 was the Canada FIBA game, and last week, although the TV listings showed CFL Bombers game, they had the women's tennis on.
I already pay a premium for TSN4, so not pleased that they show the CFL on their even-more premium channels. This has not happened in past years, hopefully it isn't a sign of things to come.