1150 CKOC /TSN Hamilton Awful

Disappointed with Problems with 1150.

very hard to hear the game any where in Stadium on The Radio most of the Time all I get is Static

When I Did get it The delay was about a play Behind what was going on

Worst was after the 2nd half kickoff By the time they cam back from the break

we all ready had out 1st punt


I miss 900 at leastI I could here the play by play on it .

The delay was disturbing a lot of people. Not worth bringing the radio if it continues. That's unfortunate as it helps me understand what's going on.

it awful Why they ever switch from 900

the Static drives me crazy the delay made it worse.

I agree not worth bringing a radio unless they fix it

Waa, waa, waa, cry me a river. Complain to the station, because we are tired of your whining about everything on here.

If you don’t like it Sig Just put me on a foe list
You’ll never see any of my posts again.
I only post now once in a blue moon
so deal with it or put me on a foe list.
some of us like listen to the play by play will we watch .
I have right to complain since Still pay for a ticket .

I think fan commentary on the new broadcast is not only fair but needed on the team chatboard Displaced. Complain all you want Robo.

I am trying to be more fair and post only when really needed this year .
But thank you :slight_smile:

What's complaining about an AM radio station broadcast on a football team message board going to accomplish? Sweet eff all, that's what. Get a better radio, build a better antenna, and you -might- get better reception at the stadium. Too bad for you that the broadcast delay is too long for your liking, but take that up with Station management. 1150 actually has a MUCH more powerful transmitter than CHML, sosyou should have no issues with getting a signal.

You’d be surprised who reads these message boards and what impact it can have. It’s good for us fans to speak up and voice our likes and dislikes and give the powers that be feedback.

Was planing to call the station anyways Tomorrow

But since 1150 and the Cats have a long term Partnership

They need to be held responsible as well as the Station.

While you are fully within your rights to complain, I fail to see what buying a ticket has to do with the radio call of the game. Being able to listen to the game on the radio is not at all what you pay for when you purchase tickets, so I don't see how you can relate the two.

Not sure what the team can do. They have a contract with the station, but they don't have control over it. Any of the issues you have with the broadcast are for the station to deal with; the team plays no part in this.

Gawd I haven't posted in ages. Here goes, I am sure there are performance clauses in the agreement with radio broadcast and if people are not happy with the broadcast the team can talk with the Toronto Sports Network. I tried to listen to the after game broadcast, it was terrible turned on the fifth quarter.

I have to agree though complaining sometimes goes in one ear and out the other. TSN is still broadcasting and Mr TuTu (Rod Black) himself is still announcing games. Again here it is the league that controls the TV rights not the team as with radio broadcasts.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Here's a thought Robo ,maybe go out and buy yourself a better quality radio. :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a good radio and It work fine on 900 Broadcasts for past 4 Seasons.

As I was told in this thread earlier 1150 has stronger broadcast footprint

then why is signal worse ???

I did call CKOC Mike Nabuurs and ask him to Respond about this .

Let see what he has to say.

Aren't expressed concerns a fair comment on the game experience?

The way one complains, the frequency of complaints, may play a part in our response to the post and the poster, but expressing one's concern isn't off limits on this Board now, is it?

It could be because of where your seats are. If I remember correctly from a previous thread didn’t you say that your seats were directly under the press box in the last row ? That could be your problem with your signal is location and interference .

Very bad weather for radio reception last night with lightning, thunder and rain. Give a little slack good fans. :wink:

I have no problem with my radio on 1150; we sit in the upper southwest corner.
I dont know where the CKOC antenna farm is now, but likely not still Elfrida. How they feed the antenna array is what results in the radiation pattern, which is generally not an omni direction, so it is possible for me to get a good signal while you dont.
If you call CKOC it is possible their engineers could tweak the feed so as to cover the entire stadium with good signal. Its up to them

It was bad during the Ottawa preseason game as well

It did matter where I was in the stadium

Static and unlistenable

I Gave them slack I said nothing till now …