112th Grey Cup in 2025 awarded to Winnipeg

Then I guess U Sports is on their own to promote their brand which is fine as other sports are doing without any support from the other leagues.

Still think its a missed opportunity.

Agreed. There's no good reason why the two championshps haven't been paired more often over the past decade.

But should the CFL move up its season, I still think USports should do what it can to piggyback Grey Cup hype, either by moving up their season or scheduling a conference final for the same weekend. Not doing so would also be a missed opportunity.

U Sports aren't going to move their season nor should they.

The CFL clearly is chosen to go a different direction so U Sports shouldn't need them in the future.

Work on their brand through streaming.

The Vanier Cup on CBC is a start.

If they truly valued pairing the Vanier with the Grey, they would. But they're varsity sports. Their mandate isn't really about bringing money and attention to their sport.

I'm very glad to see that again. I like Mark Lee as a PBP guy.

There's no reason they can't have the Vanier on CBC and pair a conference finals (or the Uteck or Mitchell Bowl, depending on the scheduling) with the Grey Cup.

A missed opportunity for Usports if they choose not to move their season up to coincide better with the CFL. As Dave says, the CFL is doing what it thinks is best to promote their product and maximize profit and you know that I think it’s pretty much a no brainer to not play your most important games of the year in -20 temps during a snowstorm on a skating rink. Logically you would think Usports has noticed Canadian temperatures and has access to weather data. If there is an opportunity there they should do what is necessary to take advantage of it. Perhaps they don’t want to- I don’t know.

Apparently it's okay for them to play at the end of November without any issues but too cold for the pros?

U Sports doesn't need to move their season (short as is).

The CFL also isn't obligated to support U Sports as they are clearly indicating with their potential moving the season (2027 their first opportunity)

But the CFL needs to at least decide which direction they want to go.

We shall see with attendance figures in the first three months. Hopefully the fans do come out.

I think the CFL needs to do what is best for the CFL as Capital Dave points out. If Usports has any kind of opportunity to piggyback with the CFL I think they would be wise to take it. I think it is too cold for them to play in a Canadian winter as well, but it’s up to them. I doubt that their meager fan base will grow if the status quo prevails.

The question was asked about moving the Grey Cup to an earlier November date - I'm not sure why. For me, I enjoy the outdoor asspect of viewing the game - an earlier date would work (if they could get in a full season),