112th Grey Cup in 2025 awarded to Winnipeg

TORONTO — For the fifth time in the rich history of the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Grey Cup will be played in Winnipeg. The 112th edition of the championship game will be played following a week of fanfare and celebration at the annual Grey Cup Festival in November 2025.

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I wonder if 2025 will be the year we see the Cup moved up to early November.

Winnipeg will do a great job and I’m sure it’ll be packed, unlike Regina last year, but with a team extremely long in the tooth a hometown appearance is not likely

I see that CFL.ca is right on top of things as usual considering that this was officially announced over 2 weeks ago and here they are just printing the story now . :roll_eyes:

If Winnipeg learns anything from Regina it should be that the ticket pricing has to be a bit more in line but it won't be. Starting the game earlier so as not to have people sitting outside at night in late November would be another good idea.

At least the players will be able to share in Grey Cup revenue

They were due as was BC who gets it next year. Everyone except Mtl has gotten it in some kind of order over the last dozen years. Maybe with new ownership the Als can get a new barn - one can only hope.

I'll bet money Montreal gets 2026 as the new franchise welcome to the league thing that they do.

Very possible ... subject to a new roof at the Big Owe or a new (or significantly renovated) stadium

I thought it was officially announced just today.


Well it was officially announced today I first read about it on the 3rd or 4th of this month at 3DN almost a full 2 weeks ago. So yeah I did get the official part wrong but did know about it before the official announcement .

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That won't be in play until 2027 at the earliest.

There's this little "Futbol" tournament called the World Cup in 2026 in which the Argos and the Lions are going to be displaced from May to around August.

Can't have both teams on the road to start the season nor do I ,as a season ticket holder, want some of my home games assigned to another area.

Can wager the 2024 game to be around November 24th with the 2025 game on November 16th.

Then again I can be wrong afterall this Ambrosie we're talking about here.

I don't think the 2026 World Cup will affect the date of the 2025 Grey Cup. Nov 16 is the current target date for that Cup, but if Halifax comes into the league by then, it could end up being even earlier.

Then the CFL needs to announce an expansion team or plan soon.

They need at least 2 years to plan to begin.

Which is why I don't see an early schedule until at least 2027 at the earliest.

Then again he did state back in 2019 he wanted to pair the Grey Cup with the Vanier Cup in the same weekend.

Or maybe it's just him going "Rouge" :joy:

I suspect that once/if they decide they can proceed with the temp stadium at SMU, it won't take 2 years of planning to get a team on the field. Probably they should take 2 years to plan and get all the details right, but I doubt they'll do that.

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But how do you address what he said about pairing up the 2 championships on the same weekend?

Can't happen if the Grey Cup is in October.

I think that idea isn't going to happen unless USports decides to move their season up. He's talked several times in the past few years about finishing earlier and an earlier season start has even been added to the CBA. Maybe in the future they will pair Grey Cups with USports conference finals instead.

How does USports start a season before the classes even start? The players are still working their summer jobs to pay for the year's pizza and beer

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I posted the news on the Bomber thread about two weeks ago as well. TSN also had a story although they did say an official announcement hadn’t been made yet. I’m not sure why they waited two weeks to do that.

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One can only hope.