11 sacks?

Good grief that is a lot of sacks! And here I thought the Bomber O-line looked bad.

ouch cheap shot. although the bomber O has been weak this season. The D-line and LB core for the lions did a great job defeating the one on one battles. the 0-libne for MTL just didn;t have wut it took when the entire mtl roster fell apart

11 sacks. That's insane. So much for the "all-star" O line of the Allouettes.

Actually, it was 12 sacks...


^12 sacks...dang! we were close to break Edmonton's record of 13...oh well 8)

Brent Johnson is sick, the dude is definately ready for the "Next Level" if you will. This guy could be just as effective in the NFL maybe not to the same extent but he would provide NFL teams with a solid pass rush. Dont be suprised to hear NFL teams come calling for him to play NFL Ball next year. Hes a good one...

Actually it was 11 sacks. The 12 hit on the back up QB was a fumble that the alouettes recovered.

CFL live play-by-play has 12 sacks. And I believe if the quarterback is hit and fumbles it is scored as a sack and a forced fumble.

Anyways purolator hunger had a field day with this game. 17 total sacks, wow.

The Als woes are a direct result of oline injuries, doesnt that sound familiar Bomber fans......Congrats to the Lions on a very entertaining win, look for the Als to jump into the trading frenzy that is coming.

It was an exciting game...until the Leos ran away with it late in the 3rd.

Then it was "how badly are the Al's going to lose?"

Yeah, Montreal’s O-line looked old and tired.

I think Simons Touchdown to start the second half took the momentum away from the Als.

No running game equals worry free defensive assault without fear of losing QB contain (even coach Matthews acknowledged Cavillo’s lack of mobility today as a thorn in the O-Line’s side). Even the best O-Line in the world will start to show cracks after a time if the defense isn’t kept “honest”. Balance the offensive attack like B.C and Calgary, and the O-Line will start to shine again and the passing game will open up. If Cavillo continues to call predictable and not very creative plays without establishing a decent running game, every defense is going to overwhelm the line and this team will be in the dust bin.

There is hope for this team but only if the Alouettes go back to a more balanced offensive attack. Six carries for your primary running back throughout the entire game? Pringle and Philips often had that by the second quarter.

I also thought that they didn't utilize Edwards enough. (And glad they didn't! :wink: )

I’m sure you’re glad Sportsmen… I’m not! :frowning:

I thought we would see more of Joe Smith but the Dickenson/Pierce show made his presence less significant.

So, how about sending us Pierce in exchange for Cavillo, some poutine and a case of Montreal style smoke meat!? :slight_smile:

WIN AND MTL have really both fallen out, to leave BC on top for now, untill Calgary takes their place.

Watching both Winnipeg and Montreal self-destruct lately makes the upcoming back-to-back games between the two very interesting. If one team (hopefully the Als) can sweep both, I have no doubt that it will be the push needed to get back on their respective feet. The loser will, I feel, sink to the bottom and never make it back. IF they split, well, who knows. Regardless, this weekend (and next) will be big, including the Toronto versus Calgary series. Division positions could be solidified over the next week and half…

here is hoping that Winnipeg wins at least one game agaist Montreal, or both, to keep Edmonton off their backs.

Interesting to note (regarding the Als O-Line) while scanning the CFL's team's recent transactions - they have added another import O-Lineman to the non-active roster (Skip Seagraves).

This may be a good thing but I still have strong reservations about tinkering with the line. I beleive that they need a new game plame and approach rather than constantly bringing in new bodies....

Matthews! Popp! Wake up!!!