11 players to watch during Mark's Labour Day Weekend

Mark’s Labour Day Weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends of the CFL season.

It’s full of rivalries, big plays and heated battles with four matchups on the schedule that are sure to set off fireworks across the country.

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You have a few mistakes in the article. One of note... Woodard and Sask are playing Winnipeg not Calgary so the QB is Collaros not Maier

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Looks like they read your post & fixed it. I'm your witness you were right!

All superb choices: the league looks great with many more to watch I'am sure. Big Ted Laurent made Stanback into a held back. Perhaps a large factor in the Cat's win. :tiger:


Keep up the great work Kristina. Can you add a number 12 ? :blush:

Who is Mark and why does he have Labor Day?
A CFL fan from the lower 48.

Marks is a sponsor; it's a workwear store up here in Canada. Obviously they've purchased sponsorship of the highly popular Labour Day weekend matchups. So now our American cousins can cease to be mystified!