11 million viewers for Grey Cup

Its being reported that avg 4 million with close to 6 million watched most if not all Grey Cup. It will get a 4 million approx that is a registered mark for TV advertiser execs meanin while the rating with ESPN #'s brokerecords.

The U.S.A system will not be released officially until next week but ESPN execs say the Grey Cup had an interest online and on tv that they have never seen before due to the popularity of Football and the connection the CFL has with their football communities.

It will rival avg ESPN College games regionally which means on all platforms they could have 600,000-800,000.

I don't know what this means. The post is all over the map, AM.

Its also being reported that the Grey Cup advertising broke records and its the only sporting even property in Canada that met all requirements for a return in the Toronto GTA.

Meaning. Example Blue Jays lost $$ due to the level of national commitments that advertisers spent in the Toronto GTA. When a national brand exhibits trust in a property they pay a flat fee with approx 4%-7% inflation for a binding property agreement within its network family.

This answers the question to why Grey Cup is on TSN not CTV. It benefits the entire property especially if the Grey Cup is a profit. The last 4 of 6 Grey Cups have been a monster TV success so they are in line for a HUGE payday in the future.

CFL on TSN will be one day getting a huge tv contract in the future due to this.

They have a system electronically and a paper mark system. The complete opposite as the shared system.

They will get 4 million viewers for a full game average. 6 million would have been viewed by avg # that consists of less than half of viewership. this is the positive of the system. Even though 6 million people may have watched most if not all of the Grey Cup they can not provide data within their system. So when the league and TSN are negotiating within their properties of channel they use the hardcore #'s.

And the peak would have been 11 million. In Hockey a peak for 11 million would be approximately 15 minutes of hockey. In Football (CFL in Canada) it consists of 30 minutes of Football including commercials/half-time.

Football has more commercials than Hockey so they usually get a larger peak.

The league got snookered again during the last TV contract.
For what is is worth, I spoke to our commish during the last Argo game as he came down into the stands.
His box is jut behind us in Section 124.
We had a good 5 minute talk and he also thinks the contract is grossly undervalued.
Should be a minimum double of the current amount.
So finally we have someone who has not fallen asleep at the switch.
Now whether that will translate into the correct valued amount for this undervalued property it remains to be seen?

Amen, AT.

I have been saying this for years - and been shouted down. It should be $90M - plus or minus $10M. Add the fact that BCE got 3 additional years, because they bought the Argos, and we are due for quite an increase.

I am going to cut and paste/post this in the rating thread, AT. Hope that is okay.

Yeah but how many were tuning in for Cabbie Presents? Surely that boosted the late game viewership as you've illustrated before.

CFL Grey Cup post game show was on.

CFL TV deal is of course undervalued. I have been told by many people including Dave Naylor and Sekeras in Ottawa that the CFL and TSN could be headed to $10m per season and is part of the CFLPA dealings in the CBA to retain players. Eric Rogers would have been awesome in Calgary. And a $10-$15 million salary cap would help that.

I do wish that unless this guy gives a source we really should not engage.

Chris Zelkovich ?@czelkov 11m11 minutes ago
#GreyCup2016 Sunday's Grey Cup scores lowest ratings since TSN started doing game and lowest since 2006. Great game didn't pull in viewers.

Chris Zelkovich does The Great Canadian Ratings Report for Yahoo sports Canada

I stand by my #'s The information he would have is not the information that would come from TSN.

As you can see the CFL has already mentioned that everything is up from last year. I was told that over 500,000 hits on the CFL game site on cfl.ca and tsn.ca combined.

Put that into perspective. On avg for a CFL game you would have approx 100,000. For a NHL playoff game 750,000 approx.

CFL media has improved drastically.

You get your #'s from TSN?

To AM's credit, he was right about the 4M - which is what I heard they got including RDS.


If you add in ESPN it could be close to 11M

Paulo Senra ?@paulosenra 9m9 minutes ago Toronto, Ontario
A total of 10 million viewers (nearly 30% of Canada's population) tuned in to #GreyCup on TSN/RDS, a 3% increase compared to last year.

Paulo Senra ?@paulosenra 6m6 minutes ago Toronto, Ontario
Last night's #GreyCup audience drew 3.9M average, peaking at 5.7M late in 4th quarter as #Stampeders forced OT with tying field goal.

Paulo Senra ?@paulosenra 3m3 minutes ago Toronto, Ontario
Compared to 2015: Livestreaming up 35% & global reach on @Twitter up 52% (155,000 #GreyCup-related Tweets on Sunday, 224,000 during week).

Paulo Senra ?@paulosenra 2m2 minutes ago Toronto, Ontario
Last night's #GreyCup audience also grew by 15% among male millennials (aged 18-34), and up 4% among male viewers aged 18-49.

Paulo Senra ?@paulosenra 4m4 minutes ago Toronto, Ontario
The neon-lit halftime performance by multi-platinum rockers @OneRepublic #GreyCup Halftime Show attracted an avg audience of 3.5M viewers.

Which would be great, since TSN gets their numbers from the people who actually collect the numbers, who he loves to trash as being wrong all the time.

I'd consider the numbers to be right. But it was 10 Million not 11 Million.

Sounds like a big success to me!

Unfortunately it sounds like there were some glitches with the International Feed including ESPN2 late in the game when they lost the feed as Calgary were driving for the tying field goal.

[url=http://awfulannouncing.com/2016/watch-espns-grey-cup-feed-goes-out-regulation-ending-f-bombs-televised.html]http://awfulannouncing.com/2016/watch-e ... vised.html[/url]
Sunday’s broadcast of the CFL’s Grey Cup championship game on ESPN2 ran into some remarkable technical difficulties in the fourth quarter. With under two minutes left and the Calgary Stampeders trailing the Ottawa Redblacks 33-30, but driving, ESPN2’s feed suddenly went from the game to a blank screen and to a set of commercials.

ESPN picks up the TSN feed for CFL games, but TSN’s own broadcast was unaffected. However, the feed reportedly also went out in the United Kingdom and in Brazil, so this may have been an international feed problem.

It brought up plenty of criticism, and references to the Heidi Game. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heidi_Game)

The feed then came back (but in SD at first) with Calgary in a first-and-goal situation.

The Stampeders settled for a field goal, and the Redblacks then opted to kneel and send the game to overtime. TSN’s broadcast (and thus, the international feeds it was sent to) chose to get in really close on the final kneeldowns, leading to some very audible televised f-bombs from the players.

In overtime, Ottawa won 39-33, ending the broadcast without further technical issues and producing the first Grey Cup win by a sub-.500 team since 2001.

That didn't happen everywhere per my source. Only happened from what I heard with secondary ESPN subs. I can also confirm that it went out for few others in Canada also with Shaw Direct for approx 2 minutes.

Well - as per usual - your 'source' would apparently be wrong considering it was the national ESPN2 feed that went out - that even had ESPN having to have a spokesperson put out a statement about the problem they experienced.

From an NBC Sports story on this ...

[url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/11/28/late-in-a-great-grey-cup-espn-had-technical-difficulties/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... ficulties/[/url]

Late in a great Grey Cup, ESPN had technical difficulties

Although most football fans were watching the Chiefs and Broncos, there was another great game that went into overtime on Sunday night: The Grey Cup, the championship game of the Canadian Football League. Unfortunately for American viewers, a crucial part of the game was missed.

ESPN2 aired the Grey Cup, which saw Ottawa lead Calgary 33-23 before Calgary staged a furious comeback in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Calgary scored a touchdown to narrow the margin to 33-30, then executed a beautiful onside kick and recovered to get the ball back. With Calgary driving down the field again, the screen suddenly went blank for ESPN2 viewers at 10 p.m. Eastern, then went to commercials. Eventually a crawl at the bottom of the screen informed viewers that ESPN was having technical difficulties.

An ESPN source tells PFT that the lost feed was a result of a vendor issue which caused an outage between the Canadian network that produced the game and ESPN2, which aired the Canadian production. It did not affect Canadian viewers.

Fortunately fans missed only a few minutes before the game came back on, and Calgary’s game-tying score and Ottawa’s win in overtime were both shown on ESPN2. But during the brief outage, American fans of the CFL were active on social media wondering what was going on. If you can imagine the reaction to fans losing the game broadcast during the final minutes of a close Super Bowl, that was the reaction among the admittedly relatively small number of fans watching the Grey Cup.