11 men in Overtime... ridiculous!!

Hey, intriguing news about the game yesterday from the Hamilton side over here.

Apparently, the first play in OT... the one where Mallet ran for like 25 yards... we had only 11 men on the field!

More then that... the man that was missing... was Markeith Knowlton, our best defensive player

More than that... Mallet ran to the side where Knowlton would normally be covering.

Absolutely ridiculous... if we want to play with the big boys of the league we can't make these bonehead errors, especially in OT in the playoffs... not saying the 12th player would have made the difference... but him not being there certainly didn't help...

Here's the link to Drew Edwards blog (a writer at the Spec) where he talks about it:


SNAFU city - always restores your faith in mankind - there's never a time too important not be hit with the FUBAR.
oh well.

I think you ended up on the wrong forum.....

No Kidding! Well that would take the meow out of any cat for sure. Knowlton must be feeling terrible. Any explanation why he was not on the field when he should have been?

Because he was too busy watching rerun clips of Gilligan's Island. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: