#11 Kameron Kelly SAM Linebacker

Has anyone noticed our new rookie SAM linebacker these first 3 games ?

The man has been outstanding . He Is a solid tackler , hard hitter , good in coverage , he is fast and rushes the passer well.
Looks like we have a solid SAM linebacker.

I felt our defensive line also played very well against Montreal shutting down Stanback and Adams' run game . Laurent was better as was Wilson. They were using stunts and blitzing lbs. Howsare played well and Carney did well for his first game.

Ciante Evans had a great game as well as did our entire secondary . Brooks had a few penalties and blunders but its likely just rust.
Simoni played well and I am liking Santos Knox.
I like to see Katsantonis coming in on 2knd and long for Laurent and we blitz lbs and give teddy a rest.

I liked the look of our import RB Wes Hills running hard but he got injured on an illegal block from Patrick Levels hurting his ankle. I hope it is nothing serious as we need an import hard runner like him. It sure lit a fire under STE and he was running hard late in the game and hurdling db's again.. We also have Don Jackson .

I look forward to Wynn, and J. Davis returning as well as Beverette and Mauldin.

I am still concerned with our Online as import Yarbrough looks completely lost and should not be starting. Murray at tackle looked ok.

Dunbar and Tim White both looked good .

The Ticats looked a lot more like how I was expecting them to look this year. Montreal's lines are not as strong as the bombers or riders however.

Gotta keep working on that online and devise plays like screens and draw plays to penalize and neutralize the opponents pass rush .

I liked that Tim White and Speedyb ran the ball much like Addison has done .

Speedyb is far from healthy
Would be nice to see. Banks, Posey and Addison all healthy together.

Kelly was a safety with the Steelers a couple of years ago but was released when he got into some legal trouble. (An altercation in a bar.)

It's good to see him get another chance at pro football. He seems to have adapted well into the SAM position in the CFL.

A good football player. Hopefully we have found a long-term solution at SAM linebacker.


It seems to be a position where we look for a new player to step in every year or two. Agree he has been very good

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