11 and OH BABY!

BC fan over here. What an up and down game last night. I was dissapointed to see the Lions not hold the lead in the 4th, but credit Montreal for not giving up. This ended up being a very exciting game, and the 36,066 fans in attendance sure got their money's worth. The crowd was a major factor in the game, forcing Montreal into many many many procedure penalties (at least 5). A win's a win, and we'll take it! Up next, Edmonton in Commonwealth! We'll be ready for you...

Can you say a perfect season?

Not yet argotom, but I'm not going to say it's impossible because it seems with this year's Lions team, nothing is impossible. It would be VERY difficult to accomplish, but you never know. Next week @ Edmonton will be very tough, too.

Be happy buddy. Your team is doing GREAT! As for my Bombers... not so good... I'll see your Lions on the 10th of October here in the Peg.

I'm very happy! I thought it was a very real possibility we could get knocked off last night, and we almost did. It's just that this Lions team has ALWAYS found a way to win.

I did too. I had a feeling that Montreal would steal a win (almost frickin' did) but you guys won and that's what matters.

I dont want to take anything away form the lions but in this case I would say they found a way not to lose.

I would still say we found a way to win. Remember, the Als tied it up at 20 and the Lions still marched the ball down and scored a TD. Sure, we were able to hang on by a thread, but we still were able to get a lead and barely hold onto it. We won.

I fogot about that.

great game at the end........and CONGRATS to B.C..........but you have to admit THE DON 's call , may of helped this time?

We will never know what would of happened in over time.?

Ya, it was a gutsy call but not a terrible one in my opinion. If they would've made it (like their last two point convert), then everything would've looked great for them. However, they did not, and my Lions get their 11th win :lol:

TRUE…and to me it was a terrible call…but bad coaching calls are part of football.

and if it was successful he would have been a hero.
I don't think he became the winningest coach by playing safe.
Like I mention somewhere else I saw Wally do the same thing but Wally is like and the Don is not so Wally can get away with it.

I like the call by Don, why not win it in reg time, they just scored and had momentum. Plus, no one really gave the Als a chance as being a clear underdog.

This also happened to CALGARY in their first game of the season a few years back.It wasn't WALLY..........but an ex ARGO coach and they lost........

That coach explained his call by saying....." I was trying to make a STATEMENT "........he made a statement alright and CALGARY had a terrible season.

I love your attitude but this loss could cost MONTREAL dearly, down the road.

Yours may be a third example of this call because I distinctly remember when Wally did it and him saying I did not come here to tie.

YUP........WALLY, did it too.

I remember that game.......[the 3rd example] because he had left the ARGOS and we were happy about that. I can't even remember his name.But he wasn't head coach for long.How is the press in MONTREAL handling this loss.?

I havent seen a news paper yet
Are you thinking of Bob O'Billovitch

Was it Jim Barker?

Ah ya I think it was barker