10th Team

One of my favourite topics to discuss is expansion. Now that Ottawa is set to play we all know the CFL is gunning for the 10th Team. Whether its the Atlantic region, Quebec City, or the Tri-City area, the 10th team is coming. I'd love to reopen the discussion about the possibility and logistics behind achieving the fabled 10th team!

Lets talk!

Another expansion thread. Here's the deal

Quebec City - Needs an owner and someone to convince the University of Laval that a CFL team benefits them more then it takes away from the Rouge Et Or, because they are the ones blocking the use of their stadium to any potential CFL team. A local stadium isn't likely to be built from scratch with the new hockey arena they are building.

Moncton - Didn't sell out last TD Atlantic, so the jury is still out and really needs BIG regional support. Also needs an owner who is willing to pony up several mil to get them to a full stadium.

Halifax - Needs a stadium and an owner, as well they need to navigate one of the most obstinate, foolish, riskless local governments in our country (and that's saying something, comming from Hamilton)

Saskatoon - Needs a sadium, an owner, the blessing of the Riders and while Rider Pride would stop a lot of converts, I have little doubt you'd get a lot of dual season ticket holders. Also, many talk that Saskchewan for a time fell on hard times and almost was the end of the Riders.

Anywhere else - Foolhardy, needs a stadium, the population, an owner and to overcoming a massive lack of population to become feasible. London is about the only other area I can see that would even be remotely in the running.

As a side note, I think CIS should say outright "The Vanier is always being paired with the Grey Cup, it makes us a LOT more when bundles with the Grey Cup fesitval and a large venue. If you want the Vanier in your city, you get a CFL team." I think this would help the other large cities to build large stadiums and consider purusing a team.

Congrats on starting the 100th thread on expansion !

Expansion will take a lot. Not easy and not quick, to be sure

Expansion threads????? Ive never seen one on here before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quebec City makes the most sense, but there's some opposition to it from Laval. Montreal is a bit of a lonely team on that side of the country, and a team in QC would make an instant rivalry and kick up football fever in Quebec to another level. It's also a good sized city to support a team.

just throwing it out there... But has anyone ever thought about U.S expansion? what could possibly go wrong? Maybe one of the southern states

heh :stuck_out_tongue:

from my admittedly uneducated eye on the subject, the Maritimes would make the most sense; however, the CFL needs to ensure team #9 is a success before worrying about team #10

This recurring offseason thread, an annual dead horse, has not been beaten enough!

I feel right at home now and anxious with only two more weeks to real action.

Now we can already start the complaining as a healthy warm-up here in our preseason action.

Fire away with your complaints and rants all!

Can we all please never ever bring up the CFL expansion into the US. Let's just pretend it did not exist.


why don't we put a team in Yellowknife??? :smiley: build a nice indoor stadium and then we can really be all over the country!

That dead horse will never be beaten enough until every city over 200,000 has a team.

Southern Ontario of course exempt until it can get it's two teams working right.

CIS should never do that.

Cities that care about CIS football (eg. with decent CIS attendance) should host the Vanier Cup. Saskatoon, Quebec City, London.

Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver couldn’t care less about CIS football, and should never host a Vanier Cup just because they have a CFL team.

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a few from this year anyways. I wasn't going to go into 2012, because it gets nutty at that point.

Ottawa, at 2 hours drive, is closer to Montréal than Québec City is. That's a pretty natural rivalry there. A team in QC or the Maritimes would be more akin to the Lions in terms of isolation.

So a city 2 hours away in a different province is a natural rival while a city 2 1/2 hours away in the same province is isolated.


What about Victoria? *runs away and hides

I've stated before that I think Victoria would be a decent venue, if they had a facility.

no were in bc, the lions would not allow it, taking away the lions fan base, i can see it if the lions were getting 40 k to 50k a game but not when they are hardly breaking 30k, cfl would not approve it.