10th CFL team should be a travel-only team?

What's everyone's take on having an away-only team be the 10th in the league?

Call the team the Halifax Halibut (purple and orange team colors). Logo is a fish.

Everyone else plays 10 home games, and 8 road games.

Maybe if the stadium they will need is delayed for some reason and they've gone ahead and started playing. A one season, temporary, emergency measure only.

and how is it that they ever build a fanbase?

How do they generate revenue? a cut of each game is not enough.

The expense of operating and flying a team around would quickly burn up any amount of revenues that would be shared back to the club. And this would scare off any current or additional investors. The team would be so deep in the hole before their first home game that they may never get out of it.

Why would the league 'expand' with a travelling team?

As others have said, they would not generate any local revenues for the other 9 owners to worth splitting the pie.

Also, why would the travelling 10th team be referred to as 'Halifax/Atlantic'?

They'd have to be called the Nomads.

Halifax Homeless?
Maritime Marauders?
Atlantic Absentees?
East Coast Exempts?

Just no

...the marketing angle would be amazing though...a lost crew, cursed with no home to always be a road team, ever searching for their ultimate treasure...wonder if there's a maritime angle that could be exploited...Hmmmm


Instead of the Harlem Globetrotters maybe the Halifax Dominiondashers . They have to play the same team every week around the different CFL venues and beat them every game . The Refs have to do a better job of showing the games are not fixed when the receiver spins the ball and no one tackles him though .

Whistling the trotter theme song sweet georgia brown as I type .

Huh? Would season ticket holders for all teams be asked to pay for 1 or 2 more tickets? Why would anyone in Halifax watch them if they never play at home.

Real question though....what about building a temporary stadium for now? I believe the cost for the one they had in Vancouver was around $10M. This would do until they get thier real stadium.


I agree. Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Idea won't work.

It's time for the league to finally start thinking big, so why not combine both ideas?

Build a portable stadium that could be trucked or floated or flown around the country to 9 different markets each year?

And why stop at a tenth team? Build a fleet of portable stadia so we can expand to 12 or 16 teams!

New York Rams


We have a winner lol

But think bigger. Under water stadium....No No...moon game.........no.......Mars. There is a possibility of the first Mars colony in 2022. It is time to prepare

What would the ratio be for the mars team?

must include at least 10 martians

With all due respect... this is a very bad idea. It would be a massive competitive disadvantage to be a road only team.

I don't see a correlation with there being a home field advantage in the CFL for this last season: https://www.masseyratings.com/cfl/ratings

In 2016, there was an average home field DISadvantage.

The math isn't there to support your assertion. As a matter of fact, it's historically better for a team to play on the road in the CFL. Strange but true.