107th Grey Cup Champions, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Go Bombers! Beat those Ticats! :slight_smile:

Sorry Johnny, but I will stick with our division :wink:

Go Cats Go. Bring the Cup back to the East

living rent free in Johnny’s head since…



I’m really torn with this game. I like both teams a lot, and I’ll feel terrible for the loser.

I guess all I can really hope for is a very close game that comes down to the final play before it’s decided.

This should be a great game.Two teams that have a great history of meeting in the Grey Cup. Hamilton has had a great year and it really hard to find weakness in their lineup. The Bombers were looking really strong but stumbled pretty good when Matt went down. But with Zach rounding into form and the ever present threat of our ground game we can be pretty hard to game plan against. Sask. managed to shut Streveler down but can Hamilton duplicate that ? Sorry Cat fans ,I like your team but the Bombers are a team of Destiny this year. And that Destiny is a cup and broken drought.

I’m curious…

What exactly makes the WBB a “Team of Destiny” this year??

I think it means they are destined to have more cheaters on the team that get busted using PED’s.

destiny unbound.

Um yeah then I guess you can say the same for the Cats

Really thats where you want to take this?

It seems some are rather offened by this. I thought the entire post was rather fair to both teams. But sure, I’ll give some reasons why a die hard fan would feel that about their team.They were very impressive when Nichols was at the helm.The slump was pretty rough when he went out. They tried to get Zach but were turned down. As things would happen (destiny) Toronto fires their GM and the replacement cuts us a deal. We end up in 3rd place and have to go to our usual place of death, Calgary.And we dominate them.The usual BLM has his worst game I have seen him play. Next we go to Sask. I imagine everyone saw the game.Now if a fan can’t say that game was Destiny I don’t know. The team has gone through a lot of ups and downs but has persevered when they needed to.There is a different feel about this. So as a Bomber fan,I see no problem saying we are a team of Destiny.

I have no problem if you want to say that. You may note I also said you have a very good team with no real weakness .

Did you guys also have a Matt that went down? ???

If you post pro-Bombers on the main forum, this is what you get.
Nothing wrong with what you posted, keep it comin’!

Sure. Let’s go.

I’m ready for some mental gymnastic entertainment on this lazy Friday afternoon.

Yea, his name was Jeromiah “Matt” Masoli

No, It’s going to be Dane “Matt” Evans" after he gets knocked down by our Big Willie ;D

I do like both these teams but I’ll have to go with the Ticats this weekend. They’ve overcome adversity all season and posted an incredible 15-3 record.

As a side note, it’s nice to see that Calgary isnt in this year.

For just this weekend only, Go Ticats!!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you aren’t grouping me into the “offended” circle.

Was simply a question since, I’m only seeing Bomber fans spouting the “team of destiny” claim.

I guess most people see it different is all.

I return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

What’s this about the Tiger-Cats practicing indoors yesterday? That’s unCanadian. Are you fellows going soft and emulating Sumatran tigers rather than Siberian tigers?


when you are made of steel, the cold doesn’t affect you.