106th OUA Yates Cup: Queen's vs Western

Well the stage is set and once again the Queen's Gales and Western Mustangs will meet for the Yates Cup. So glad this game will be on Sportsnet 360 so I'll be able to watch my Gaels beat the Mustangs on their own turf! :rockin:


Queen's 24-16 over Western

Western 35 Queen's 18

Well that sucked. :cry:

Mustangs! :thup:

Disappointing game. A dominant performance by Western, but it would have help if Queens showed up to play. The most disappoint thing about the game was the crowd. Fifty-eight hundred of mostly alumni, friends and family a few of the local hard core football fans. There were more Queens students there than Western Students. Looks as if as far as Western University was concerned, this was a non-event. Sad.

That's a real shame, TD Waterhouse is an excellent stadium but just not the interest there in London overall in university football I guess.

Yes, London is a relatively large city without a CFL team. I would think that more people from the general public would adopt the Mustangs as their city's football team. That's what has happened here in Quebec City. I don't have any official numbers, but it seems to me that most of the fans who attend Laval games are from the general public, not from the student population.