106th Grey Cup Predictions /wishes

I can not believe Rose will play for the Red Blacks after pushing an Official last Sunday! Unbelievable !

I’m hoping for a game with lots of scoring and an Eastern Victory ,but my gut says otherwise …wise it is to bet on the whiny Stamps and Canadian disliking coach Dave …

Easy not to like the CowStamps!

Weather 0C & Sunny at game time …dropping to minus 7C in the evening…not bad for the great white north…wish they could play every second Grey Cup game in the domed Stadiums…

For starters…his appeal should now mean 3-5 regular season games. That seems like fair value.

Anyway…hoping for a Stamps blowout of the RB’s.

Thinking it will be closer.

34-29 Stamps.

  1. Would love to see a blowout also for the Stamps !!

Don’t know who I dislike more, the Ottawa team or their fans !!

A good old fashion ass kicking will wipe that smirk and laughing of the RB’s players and
their coaches faces :smiley: :smiley:

Grey Cup wish list :

#1…That the TWOCOLOURS lose
#2…That two of my fav ex Cats Bakari Grant and E . “Chop” Davis finally get their Grey Cup rings
#3…That Bakari scores the winning TD
#4…That Davis gets the game sealing Int
#5…That Rose gets a DPI or UR call late in the game that sets up the winning score for the Stamps .
#6…Final score prediction of Stamps 31 TWOCOLOURS 24 .

I am in total agreement with all of that.

And ward misses 4 FGs.

Make that two of us. I absolutely WILL NOT cheer for the OTTRBs! And I’d like to see some ex-Ticats get a ring - but not the ones who already got on two years ago!
Besides I have to keep peace in the family - daughter is a Stamps fan (lived in Calgary for just over 4 years) so I do cheer for the Stamps when I can.

Didn’t he already miss one last week? I’ pretty sure he missed a convert or two. However the streak will go on as playoff games don’t count.
I might add that I hope Harris tosses a pick or two and looks terrible against the Stamps D!


I don’t care about a streak. I care that their meal ticket from the season costs them the Grey Cup. Would be hilarious.

I am looking for both teams to lay a serious hurt on each other. The Stamps crush Harris and the RB crush Mitchell. The Stamps win and break Ottawa heart.

I don’t love OTT, but I absolutely love the idea of CAL losing their third straight.

If it was possible for both teams to lose I would pick that one.

104th GreyCup wish: referee should have made the correct call on the Reed non-ilegal hit call on McCartney. McCartney cuts back and into Reed’s path, dives and then pleads for flag. Flag then drops.
We were bush-whacked!

Unfortunately we can’t re-write history… but while we’re at it - I’d have Arnaud Gascon-Nadon catch that interception from Hank so that the “Miracle on Banks St” would never have occurred in the 2015 East Final. ;D Of course I have NO idea what would have happened in the Grey Cup game between the Ticats (had they been there) and the EE.

The league is going to continue to send Calgary to the Grey Cup until they stop doing stupid things to lose…give them the win and lets to done with the whiners…I have to admit that in the whining department Ottawa is a very close 2nd…Everyone have fun…Cheers!!

I hate Ottawa more, so I’d love to see the red lacks get absolutely blown out of the water…55-24 calgary!

I don’t get this hating other cities re sports.

It’s not the actual cities that most people hate . It’s their team’s that they hate . Big difference . Myself personally I don’t hate the city of Ottawa , in fact I have family that lives there and visit the city often.

As for Toronto well I would never live there (too busy for my liking) I enjoy visiting and going to Toronto be it for concerts or sporting events or whatever . Just because I don’t like the Argos or any of their pro sports teams for that matter doesn’t mean that I hate the actual city .

The city of Montreal is one of my favourite places to visit . Absolutely love the culture and vibe there . Once again though nothing against the city itself I just don’t really care or like their two pro sports teams the Alouettes and also the Canadiens . If it does make you happy though I was a big Expo fan growing up and followed them right up to the time that they left town .

I’m going old school. :slight_smile:

Calgary Stampeders over the Ottawa Rough Riders



The RedBlacks are going to win this one if Harris plays like he did against us. (24/21)