105th Grey Cup Activity and Team Party Locations

The Grey Cup Festival web site

is listing activities at

Aberdeen Pavilion which Ibelieve is the building just North East of the stadium

Aberdeen Square. Is that the area around the Pavilion?

Great Lawn. The Lansdown site says the address is 450 Queen Elizabeth
Driveway but google maps shows that address as a
park/greenspace to the south west

Can anyone confirm this for me?

The "Great Lawn" is the area to the east of the stadium. It will be directly behind the temporary stands. They host concerts there during the summer months.

Aberdeen Pavilion is off the north east corner of the stadium. Large old hall. Aberdeen Square is north side of the pavilion. The pavilion is large enough to hold several events inside.

Anyone who hasn't been to Lansdowne in a long time, the area around the stadium is all developed now with restaurants and pubs. Every September they hold the Cityfolk music fest on the Great Lawn and Aberdeen Pavilion. Really well done. Nice spot.

Anyone going to the game, should take in as many festivities as possible.
I was at the 2014 celebration and it is just so much fun.

Fans from all over Canada .
The one place you can meet a core sample of all 9 fan bases is the cheerleader extravaganza.
That was my particular favourite.

Regardless of what teams are in , it will be great.
Hopefully the Argos, will represent the East.

Nothing against Ottawa, but it will just be boring to have the same team in 3 years in a row.

Team parties are the best part of Grey Cup, butIcan’t find any information on four of them:

-Lions Den
-Stamps House
-Tiger Town
-Double Blue Bash
Does anyone have info on these parties?

For those of you attending Grey Cup in Ottawa below is my current Cole’s Notes:
-Spirit of Edmonton, Looks like a great venue in Byward Market, not to be missed
-Ottawa Rnation, at Lansdowne, will be the biggest party, a must visit
-Montreal Huddle,on Saturday nightattrendy club which provides a different feel from the other events.
-Atlantic Schooners, west side of downtown Ottawa, should be a good party. standard east coast style.
-Riderville, at Lansdowne, a big party, 99% of thepeople will be wearing green.
-Touchdown Manitoba, Shaw Center, only on Friday, at the strange time of noon-5pm…


If you can get tickets. I have been to several Grey Cups and not even once have I been able to get tickets to this always sold out event.

Every Spirit Ive ever been to has been free. Are you thinking of the Breakfast on the Saturday morning?Cause that is ticketed and usually sells out fast.

This year's festival should be interesting as most team parties are going to be held at Landsdowne Live within stumbling distance of each other. Should make for an interesting atmosphere.

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Yeah, thanks, the breakfast thing. I have been to the parties and they're always a blast.

The breakfast day is a must

SOE does things right...always a good time

They sure do. SOE is a must see during Grey Cup weekend.
They were the original ones who started the whole individual team party concept at Grey Cups.


For anyone attending Grey Cup 105, all the team parties have been released at http://greycupfestival105.ca/

For your party planning purposes,the link below isa map created to get me around Grey Cup weekend.

Explore f2matt

See you there!

I've been to the majority of the GC's in the past 20 years and the SOE room has been the most dependable room of them all, year after year. Evenwiththe police crackdowns at the 2005 Cup in Vancouver, the way the Wpg Cup organizers try to marginalize them out to that damn airport hotel, and the Calg FD debacle in 2009, they are always a must visit. I know a number of the guys on the committee and they are in their 60's and have either retired from the event or will shortly, so it'll be interesting to see if the fun changes in any significant way going forward.

The breakfast is always an interesting event and always sold out as opposed to the actual SOE room where line ups (usually post 9pm)areyour only challenge. I went to the breakfast once and was probably the only sober guy to walk out of there at 10:30am. Everybody else was completely hammered because they were sucking down the "slooosh juice" like it was water but our table ran out early...but other tables kept enjoying what seemed to be an endless supply.

I only learned later that day the trick was to stash the pitchers of the "juice" (OJ, vodka and lord knows what else) under the table and anytime a server came by ask for more...early in the event. That way, your table had could enjoy that endless supply of pitchers and you too could be asleep (passed out)by 11:30am, only to wake up at 4pm and start all over again.

Good times....if I could remember all the fun I've had at Cups I would write a book....