Total attendance at the new Cowboys Stadium.

A new NFL regular season attendance record and pretty damn crazy. :o

Jet's-Giants open their new stadium next year....but it only holds like 90,000....so I don't think it'll have a chance to break that record but it'll be an awesome stadium. :rockin:

man thats alot of people for a regular season game but if you build they will come....I was at OHIO STADIUM and we had 106,000 at the USC game.I been too beaver stadium in PA for Ohio state vs penn state and it was 110,000 people there.Man I could remember our high school played in front of 35,000 in a high school playoff game in the 80's football is king in america.......Even though i hate dallas and the giants.Go browns AND buckeyes,and

That is one glitzy stadium I can tell you from watching the Boys and Giants last night. Over the top I'd say but hey, it's Texas and Jerry Jones and you got to give it to them, and the local taxpayers I'm sure as well.

Go Vikes, Favre doesn't look too bad actually so far.

I still can't get over that screen. Al Michaels was saying it's 7 storeys high. :lol:

At least the kickers didn't hit it this time..lol

I was waiting for that. I was disappointed when it didn't happen. Oh well, the Cowboys still have 7 home games left. :lol:

I think they raised the giant screen higher, so that very thing doesn't happen too often. I still think it will occur once or twice during the year.

No, they kept it exactly as it was. Jerry Jones refused to raise the screen and said that raising it higher would diminish the effect of the screen for the fans and pointed out that a great deal of time and energy went into conforming to the NFL's own rules regarding scoreboard placement. Nothing will be done about it until this season ends

Incorrect - they needed to raise the screen for the U2 Concert that was held there.

is it time to call it the greatest stadium in the world?

IMHO, it needs to develop a lot of history until one can say that, to me, the greatest is still the MCG, that has more than 150 years of history under it's belt, and it can hold up to 90,000 (mite even had held up to 100,000 at one time).

the new cowboys stadium still has a long way to go, but it's off to a good start.

But then they put it back where it was.

Has anyone hit it in the two reg season games there? I haven't heard that they did so I am going with this is not a problem

He was talking about the screen in a football game so it was quite correct actually i.e. they didn't move it up