1040 all over the Canucks!

Hey this is encouraging to see! 4 days before the big game and 1040 has spent from 2 - 4:30 pm solid wall to wall with Canucks coverage!

Bob Ackles, 1040 is toast after this season! Dump them! If Jeff Patterson's tirade against us fans wasn't bad enough....

someone call up Rick Ball right now and let him know what the important event is this weekend; not some lousy useless hopeless boring Canucks game.......


I've got 1 thing to say... THERE'S NO WHINING IN FOOTBALL! GO LEOS

Exactly why I suggested YOU make that sign. You keep going on and on about it (that and attendance and your NOISE sign ) not only here but the exact same posts on Lionbackers.com . Over there they’re getting tired of it too and locked your thread . Do you ever actually post about… football?

turn 1040 off and get some sunshine here on the West Coast!! We don't need a radio station to get pumped...come here instead. Or paint your living room window with a Lion's logo (as I have) and dance in the streets. Let's focus on the positive...GO LIONS!!!

all the media is talking about canucks today and that is all they are going to talk about, i whish people would except that the canucks are realy the only talk in this town,

Lions have a place in this city, but not like the canucks.