103 Grey Cup - greed over growth- what a shame

Wade Miller and the executive of the bombers have completely shown their colors in the pricing of the 103 grey cup at the expense of the CFL as a whole. With the last 2 Grey Cups already losing viewership at 17% per year - a stadium that will only seat 36,000 and possibly as the talk around Winnipeg is that they may not sell out . This will be the smallest attendance and look a little farm league on TV - since the mid 70,s except for,the 1998 grey cup which only had 34,000 in attendance and yes it was in Winnipeg for all,if you that were there you may remember that over the last 2 or 3 days before the game up,to,5000
Tickets were given away to,paper the stadium - it is is not the fantastic fans of Winnipeg who are at fault but the executive of the bombers who are drinking from the fountain of greed and stick it to the fan . Most of the 36,000 seats are priced between 450-600$ that is ridiculous - end zones are 313$ and the new and not improved metal temps are 199$ plus taxes and fees - hey everyone - at 30,000 paying fans they will gross about 12 million - but it will look like a small div 1 or 2 US college stadium on TV and again give our critics something to talk about . I think Our new commish looks a little incompetent and really out of the loop not understanding the significance and need for growth and fans at the grey cup - one of the knowledgeable posters earlier posted that small stadium capacities limit the number of fans who can travel to the grey cup city to,enjoy the party and show to Canada how special the grey cup,is coast to coast - I may be wrong here but the greed move by the bombers to escalate the prices higher then I believe any other grey cup - has put a dark cloud over the Winnipeg and secondly over the CFL - a possible less then sellout in a squeezed down stadium already has a smell of bush league and money over the original vision of the grey cup which is celebration and fans by the thousands traveling to,the host city - sorry to see a little manure on the bombers plans but the bombers have been real quiet about where the stink is coming from . And it is driving the rank and file fan away .

I hope the Bombers lose a boatload on this Grey Cup and can't repay their loan this year and theire is a huge taxpayer backlash that causes them to lose even more money next year. I hope this shocks the whole CFL and prices for games go back to reality. I went to the LD Classic in Calgary and the cheapest ticket in the house other than the Safeway tickets was 48 dollars after taxes. A family of 4 should not have to fork over 300 dollars for 3 hours of entertainment.. This is ridiculous

How much SHOULD a family of four pay for three hours of live entertainment?

More expensive.

Music concert?
More expensive.

Other suggestions?

Yeah... But they are not the CFL.. They don't pay their talent peanuts


So, to follow your advice, the CFL team owners should lower ticket prices and increase player salaries.

And the budget will balance itself - right?

They are overpriced , but your making up stuff about most of the tickets are between 400 and 600 . They only ones close to 600 are between the 40,s and they have all been sold out . The issue is the seats that are regularly 60 are now over 300. I also believe the league is in charge setting ticket prices , not Wade Miller and the Bombers ??

Ya but I bet that Bungle has nice hair though :lol:

We can always count on Rogers pressbox to start a negative CFL thread full of falsehoods, for some reason. :roll:

I paid 300 for endzones to the 100th Grey Cup, and couldn’t have been happier with my purchase.

moving on.

So if the Stanley Cup or let's dream the World series was in the Peg and they were asking likely more then the current GC prices, would that be ok?
I say this is the biggest Championship in Canada bar none and it should be priced what the market bares.

Just to provide some ticket pricing context. If the Jays make the World Series their ticket prices for EACH of up to four World Series games that MIGHT be played (so not just one game) are:

$1400 per ticket for those on the field red seats directly behind home plate. (Those come with some other inclusions like food and drinks)

$420 per ticket for every 100 level seat except those behind the outfield fence and for every 200 level seen behind home plate out as far as the infield/outfield dividing line

$270 for the 200 level seats the rest of the way towards the outfield and all 100 and 200 level seats beyond the outfield wall

$200 for 500 level seats behind home plate from above 3rd base over to above 1st base

$160 for every other 500 level seat.

That is quite pricey especially when you consider it is four games that people have to shell out money for - and some people undoubtedly on a wing and a prayer booking flights and hotel rooms - when you are not even sure the game will even take place.

At least with the Grey Cup - you know it - and the festival surrounding it - will take place but maybe your favourite team won't be there.

Having said all that - the fact they are having trouble moving tickets to me says - yup - they errored - and it is overpriced this year for that market.

The original post is so poorly written it's difficult to understand the point for the most part.

So, if viewership is down then what does that matter attendance wise? And what does that have to do with ticket pricing? And tickets given away by the local team? Doubt it.

The Bombers bought the event and they can do whatever they want with it as they'll suffer the loss or enjoy the profit...and as far as I can see, they're not doing anything much differently than previous committees so everything will no doubt unfold as it should in the end.

As far as affecting the number of out of town visitors, anybody's who has been to a Cup (I've been to a dozen or so) knows there are ALWAYS tickets available to buy somewhere, from someone, somehow. Plus, it's the festival that's fun....the game is almost an anticlimax after three days of lunacy, trust me.

That's terrible. I'll bet the critics would focus on any negative they could find and ignore all positives. They would use terms like "farm league" and "bush league." They would jump to conclusions, be overly dramatic, and probably come across sounding quite whiney and alarmist.

And we'd all hate to see that.

I am a bit confused Sir Bungle.

You are a fan who has gone to CFL stadiums across the country.

Why do you wish financial misfortune on teams ( Bombers, Lions and Argos - if I recall ) ?

How does that help ?

I look at the inflation rate and see a scam.. I went to the 2005 Grey Cup and payed 95 dollars.. I'm not an idiot and know that 95 dollars in 2005 is only 112 dollars now.I'm not going to pay 300 bucks for something that is worth 112 dollars. Especially when the players have taken a pay cut in the same 10 years

I doubt very much the owners agreed to lower the price of selling the game to Winnipeg because they have less capacity.
Less capacity means higher price per seat... Very simple math. Add the ever increasing dislike of Canadian to fly, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan out of it and an increasingly geriatric following and this is what you get.

No surprise and no greed here.

Given the reduced capacity and the abundance of tickets that are still available I'm going to say that the market has decided that it's overpriced.

Well its still more than 2 months away. Bet you its sold out by game day.

Dont expect the league to grown then if you wont spend the money.

Things have changed, could say the same thing about nhl, nba, or mlb finals pricing.

You guys get that this is a championship final right? i think the prices are where they should be IF PEOPLE WANT THE LEAGUE TO GROW.

Why do i say such a crazy thing you might ask?

Simply put its one game, a final. The league needs to make that kind of money off it. The lions can draw 52,000 with no bc team and the same prices yet diehard cfl country in the prairies cant? Makes no sense to me.

Cheap out if you want, but i wouldnt call the championship final of any league necessarily a family friendly pricewise event.

CFL is not some bush league. You want it to be one then tell them and they will get rid of most of the players tsn can opt out of the contract and we will get exactly what you want to pay for.

I'm sure it will be, when they reduce ticket prices / give away tickets a couple of weeks before the game.