102nd Grey Cup -- Tiger-Cats vs. Stampeders Game Thread

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102nd Grey Cup Pre-Game Show
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102nd Grey Cup: Hamilton vs Calgary
Sun 6PM ET / 3PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

The championship pits Hamilton against Calgary in BC Place in Vancouver. I will try to post whatever links of interest I find about the game before it kicks off at 6 pm EST on Sunday. Enjoy!

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TSN's Matt Dunigan looks at the Zach Collaros - Bo Levi Mitchell QB matchup at http://www.tsn.ca/talent/dunigan-grey-c ... l-1.146189 .

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Shameless GC eve bump!


Oski Wee Wee,


1 more sleep!!

So stoked!!

GO CATS!!!!!!

Last game of the year is always a sad day. :frowning:

We have to wait many months until training camp opens in 2015. :o

The one sure fire way to cheer up is to toast a Ticat victory. :smiley:

And although not wishing anyone harm, it would be ecstasy to see Slimie Jock Strap's expression in the post game show. Truly a joyful moment indeed. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Today, looking at my available Ticat wardrobe I decided it was fitting to wear the 1999 Grey Cup champion t-shirt. I try to wear it once a year at the first home game of the season - this year it had to wait until Labour Day. :o
Although a little faded (like the wearer :wink: ) it has been pulled out hopefully for the last time, as I prepare to spend what little cash I have remaining after looking after Christmas presents, on a new current issue replacement. If successful in my search I plan to give the vintage shirt the old heave ho. Not a sentimentalist by any means when it comes to items which have seen better days. (My wife not included - I only say this as she does not read this forum). :wink:

For folks who haven't gone there yet, check out http://cfl.ca/greycupcentral for great video and recaps of all the Grey Cups since 1909.

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Mike, I was listening to TSN Radio up here in Ottawa at just the right time to hear an interview with LaPo about the GC contenders. One of the things he said is that he is liking the Ti-Cats more and more and thinks we might have the edge on Calgary.

Hoping all of the hype surrounding Banks lights a fire under Sinkfield -he's overdue

Two veterans I'd like to see step it up big time are.....Bakari Grant and Justin Hickman. For whatever reason(s) they haven't been very noticeable this season. Go Cats Go!!!!!

Still hurting over the Vanier Cup earlier today.

Alas, one more sleep 'till the big one.

I get the feeling this one is going to be tight - a classic - no matter which way it goes.

Get the W, boys.

The players, the city, the fans deserve it.

Bring it home boys! Going to be a tough night to sleep.

Oskee wee wee!!!

I read a comment on the scratching post that pig skin Pete was sent home from Vancouver,
has any one found any thing online to confirm this?

A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOUR... GO CATS GO !!! :rockin: The Stamps horse will be looking like this by the end of the game.


Great Picture ha-ha, GO CATS GO, let's Bring the Grey Cup back to Hamilton!!!!

Rumour is he's been denied field access for tonight. I haven't heard anything about him being sent home.

Aw dammit...there is still 9 hours to go... :frowning:

Look for Grigsby and Sinkfield (the forgotten Ticat offensive stars...Calgary is more concerned about Banks and Collaros) to have big games today.

Well, here we are again in the big game. A few things are different this time. It's good to be at a neutral site this time rather than enemy territory. And I'm sure the players have enjoyed getting to practice indoors rather than practice in the very cold conditions they practiced in last year. And perhaps most importantly, it seems that this team isn't happy just to be there, unlike what seemed to be the case last year. The Riders just seemed to want the win more. But I'm getting the impression that this Ticat team wants the Grey Cup win much more than they did last year. You may recall the team not getting that excited about winning the EDF game.


I don't think the fingerprints from a single player on the team are on that trophy in front of them. It's the Grey Cup that they are after.

Both teams would be disappointed to lose this one. They are the two teams that lost the previous two Grey Cup games. So both teams have players who are experienced in these games. Although the QBs for each team are each making their first Grey Cup start, an interesting fact is that they were both backup QBs for different teams at the 100th Grey Cup. Collaros and Mitchell are considered good young QBs who have bright futures ahead. These two being the starting QBs for this game may be seen as a reflection of how a new generation of QBs is taking over.

How will this game go? Some have predicted that Calgary will win in a blowout. And that's despite the fact that no team has had an easy time beating this Ticat team since that Grey Cup rematch in week one. The two games between these two teams were close ones. And Collaros did not play in either of those games. However, Cornish did not play in either of those games either. But is this not the league's best defence against the run he'll be going up against? After seeing Sheets get so many rushing yards against our D in last year's Grey Cup game, I sure hope not to see anything like that again. But I'd like to see the offence keep the Calgary offence off the field. Grigsby impressed against Montreal, and hopefully he'll do that against Calgary.

A lot is being said about how the Stamps need to keep Banks from getting big returns. But Sinkfield is another speedy WR/KR to watch for.

I can see this game going either way, and I don't expect Calgary to win in a blowout as some others do. I don't expect this to be like last year's Grey Cup. It could be like 1986, when the Ticats took on a heavily favoured Alberta team at BC Place, and proved many wrong about who would blow out who. It could be like the 1989 and 1998 Grey Cups, in that the Ticats lose a close one. But I'd like to see it be like 1999, when this Ticat team defeated Calgary in that same building.

In this league, the goal is to win the Grey Cup. Will this team get that done tonight? Could this be the night we've been waiting for for the last fifteen years? Could it be?

That's to bad.