102nd Grey Cup Tiger-Cats vs. Calgary

Okay the 102nd Grey Cup day in Vancouver has arrived, after a long week of festivities and events in the CFL we are now heading towards the game at 6:00pm this evening between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders.

What are your predictions on who will Win the Grey Cup and Why, plus any added thoughts.

I think it will be a great game played by two good teams that are more commonly matched than the media and others are predicting in a lopsided Calgary win against the underdog Tiger-Cat team.

Tiger-Cats will win because overcoming adversity has been the hallmark of this team in the CFL, no other team has overcome more obsticles to win than the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and they will do it again.

Tiger-Cats EAT EM RAW!!!!

I'm cheering for the Ti-cats but I think it will end up being about 45 to 1 Calgary

Is Calgary that explosive a team? I know they are good and best this year in the CFL but do you think they could blow out the Tiger-Cats 45-1 in the 102nd Grey Cup?

GO CATS GO!!!!!!

You are on Crack my friend,go back to cheering for your beloved NFL,believe me with a prediction like that we don't need your support or cheering for the Cats today. Besides with the game being played on a Sunday,the chances are that according to you EVERYBODY will be watching and worshipping at the altar of the NFL anyways,so my bet is that you won't even be watching the game today as it will interfere with your precious NFL viewing. We all know that you aren't really a fan anyway just like certain others that post in here and have nothing positive to say but everything negative about not just football but everything in life in general.(no names mentioned.....I think everybody can figure out who I'm talking about :wink: )

They did it to Edmonton last week. And I know there's a lot of Hamilton love around here but if anyone seriously thinks Hamilton is a tougher opponent than the Esks, you might want to snap into reality.

I hope we get a good game but Hamilton is an underdog for a reason.

45-1 is a bit much. I'm thinking more like 44-2. :stuck_out_tongue: No seriously, probably 35-20 Stamps. It won't be a classic. Prove me wrong, Cats.

It won't be 44-2 trust me on that p-dog......It's not Calgary playing the Riders :stuck_out_tongue: because if that was the case I'd say your prediction of 44-2 would be BANG ON !!!!! :smiley: I've said it a thousand times already this game will NOT be a blowout and believe me the game will prove me right and all the naysayers WRONG !!!!! GO CATS GO !!!!!! Hope you're having a nice off season there P-dog,try to stay warm and make sure you wear your gloves ,mitts and scarves and boots WOO-HOO Only around 5 hours til kickoff :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: 2014 THE YEAR OF THE CAT !!!!! Can't wait :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :thup:

This is just silly. I expect a real battle today. The Cats special teams have to be respected along with the D. They are clicking as of late and the Stampeders won't be taking them lightly.

Lets go Stamps!!! time for some redemption :cowboy:

I have to be at my best attitude and change of character significantly.

Hamilton - 19
Calgary - 33

The cats D is very strong but so is Calgary's. Hamilton should be able to keep the score low provided they do not get too many two and outs. There late season and playoff wins included controlling time of possession and moving the chains.
Calgary definitely has the edge in the running game.
Overall Hamilton is still the youngest team so the edge is to Calgary. Hamilton is still building to get better and better. This will likely be Calgary's year finally. They are just more polished with their offense at this point in time. Hamilton is good but much better days are still ahead. IMHO.

I think this will be a nail biting game. Maybe Cornish breaks one in the final minute to give Calgary the victory, maybe Bo puts together a last minute drive that allows a game winning goal, but it won't be a blowout that's for sure...

lead singer for Dallas Smith totally sucks. Boooooooooooooo

Glad I could switch to pats packers game.

I paused it and then hit live about 3 mins later

Good luck Stamps fans... may we have one hell of a game, and the BEST Cats team win :lol:

Even if you aren't a fan of the Stampeders, how can you not be a fan of Bo-Levi Mitchell? He looks sharp game in and game out. He's great for the league IMO, and its nice to see the emergence of the new generation of CFL greats.

No surprises to start the game. Calgary up 14-0, and this game could get ugly if Hamilton doesn't get moving.

Stamps putting on a clinic. BLM is going to rule this league for a long, long time.

Well he could end up in the NFL as well.. My uncle predicted that last season after watching him shred the Bombers.

That's what I was thinking as well after I posted. I'd imagine he will at least get a try out within the next year or two. I'm not sure how many more years he has left on his contract up here. Looking at both his high school and college career and now his professional career, he has shown he wins.

I don't know who that half time act was, but they put on an impressive performance.
Glad they let the fans onto the field as it added to the half time atmosphere, in comparison to previous half time acts.

The Tiger-Cats have shown resiliency and have stayed in the fight. Hopefully they gain confidence from that considering they're huge underdogs.


Betcha he wishes he was dead right now.