102nd Grey Cup seats still available.

Cam Cole of The Vancouver Sun talked on video about still 5000 seats available for the Grey Cup on Sunday and why it’s not a sell out at least not yet?

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Countdown+Grey+game+tough+sell/10413461/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Countd ... story.html[/url]

I’m sure with Calgary fans close by they could easily fill that void and make the 102nd Grey Cup a Sell-Out.


There are still tickets left - as has been mentioned elsewhere - for 3 main reasons.
1 - second Grey Cup within three years in Vancouver
2 - no home team
3 - ridiculous pricing 30% higher than tickets to the game just 3 years ago. (Most seats left are Upper Deck Corner seats that are $288 per ticket including taxes. The same seats were $70 lower just 3 years ago.)

That's too bad, that will hurt the Lions bottom line, 5,000 unsold seats at $288 is $1.5 million plus the loss in concessions sales probably adds up to $2 Million.

I'm sure the Lions would prefer a sell out, and may still get one, but I cannot imagine their business plan for this event assumed all seats sold at full pop. If they can sell the final 5,000 tickets it's gravy but I'm sure they're already counting their profits on this game.

Weather is going to be clear (sorry to disappoint y'all) this weekend here but (Vancouver) cold...highs of zero Cup day. Given most of the prairies will be -20 or so, I'm sure most will see it as a relief. Besides, most will be all topped up on "anti-freeze" and likely won't feel a bit of pain....I know I won't!

Apparently BC fans have stepped up and purchased a majority of the tickets. And I think normally it is expected that other fans purchase tickets as well (last year being the exception).

That being said, combining greed (err... capitalism?) with the massive cost of transportation and lodging, and the average fan is left out.

I know lots of people can 'afford' to go. But at some point we need to realize this is a game, and it should be for the people, and I am not sure that a lot of people can justify that kind of money.

I am kind of worried about the Hamilton Grey Cup, and really hope that prices are reasonable (no more then the prices in Toronto), however, I also understand supply and demand. These owners perhaps do deserve to make some money.


Holy Crap. We all love Mr. Braley for what he has done for this league but the man is no saint.

I thought it. You had the courage to write it. :thup:

Assuming they don't sell another ticket, any idea how much profit they will make off the Grey Cup?

You Nailed it , I do not think the home team in it is a reason as in 2011 the lions were 1-5 and the cup sold out

but second grey cup in 3 years and the pricing , I hate it when people say that it should not be played on a sunday , or Vancouver never supports grey cups these people have never been around the 2005, 1983, 2011, 1986, 1987 . when the cup here in Vancouver is the biggest thing.

What i'm bracing for is the T.O media and CFL haters, writting all week, that now Vancouver is Toronto and the league is slipping and trouble is brewing, instead of promoting the positve and the game. Watch for it

I blame the league for not managing this better. They have been stuck at 6000 short for about 1 month. i know they wanted to wait to see what teams make it. so keep 1500 for that, but the other 4500 should have been given to their Corp sponsers 30 days ago, so the media would not pick up on it as much

So the CFL Championship game hauls in 15? million for just the game attendance and your all complaining? EH did you here about the bills? or the Bills? they were given a freebee win , clear collusion!! and that's ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

The G.C. game will be sold out and paid for!! :rockin:

I think when it comes down to game time the majority of remaining seats will be sold off, it's the best game in town and certainly a big event for any City to host and Vancouver's a great spot for the Grey Cup and a great facility at BC Place.

Looking forward to the next few days ahead and the big game on Sunday, should be a great game.


I dont think the game will sell out. The rush of ticats and stamps fans buying tickets has already occurred. If you look at ticketmaster there are still thousands of unsold seats.

The event director was saying that unsold seats will begin to be distributed to charities and military personel saturday if not purchased.

Well, that's a positive. :thup:

It looks like there are less than 3,000 left, by rough guess on ticket master.

Ah yes some of us in this forum love to criticize the CFL and the Grey Cup. That the game is not sold out yet. Well here is a little tidbit for you. The Super Snore just 3 yrs. ago was almost 5000 seats short of a sell-out!!!!!!!!!! http://boston.sbnation.com/new-england- ... e-is-68658
Take that and smoke it!!! :cowboy:

If I win 649 tonight, I'm going!

Good luck, buddy. :thup:

Not sure it is a criticism. It's just unfortunate that the game has been priced out of the average person's range. Having said that, if the tickets were cheap, that would reflect poorly on the state of the game and not help teams make money so...

I guess the CFL can't win.

Not rocket science, the game should be played in Calgary or Hamilton but I know I know, that's impossible (even if they can land a space ship on a meteor) due to logistics. And of course, how the Grey Cup is logistically organized simply can't be changed because it IS rocket science. I guess. :roll: Meanwhile MLB, NBA and NHL can play the finals in home arenas and stadiums of the respective teams. Go figure, eh? Eventually I think the league will get it but not for now. I guess it has to be done like the NFL, I guess. :roll:

I don't have trouble with a neutral site. Also, given the price of the tickets, 3K remaining is not bad. Again, I just think the game is being priced out of the average fan's range and that is unfortunate. But, it has also happened with the World Juniors so... With it being successful, I guess it is inevitable.