100the Grey Cup

The CFL better not screw this up. It is being stated that the 100th cup will be held in Toronto. This would be a huge Mistake!

The 2007 cup was a disaster, as far as the average cfl fan goes. Yes i was able to have a good time but NOWHERE near the times had in places like edmonton, calgary and hamilton or regina! The 2007 cup in Toronto was about business suits and appealing to the "money" crowd! 80 to 90% of the cfl fans are about burger, wings and beer!

To try and force the 100th cup on a city where .05% of the people care about the cfl is a slap in the face of the rest of us! Ya i want the cup in the heart of the cfl (saskatchewan), but if for some reason the league wants to go elsewhere than go anywhere but the self centred universe....Toronto!

Cfl wake up and realize that you are a blue collar league that can grow marginally not all in big leaps by catering to the wine and cheese business crowd of toronto!

and ignoring history and ignoring the toronto market will do wonders for the CFL :roll:

I'm sure there will be celebrations throughout the regular season in every city to mark the Cup centennial. i hope many former players are also brought in recognized for their contributions as well. Heck, I'm sure even the NFL will mark the occasion with some friendly recognition.

I'm sure plans are already underway.

It should be in Toronto if at all possible because of the history and tradition with Toronto and Canadian Football and the Grey Cup there. People can bash business suits and that but there is money in that albeit I hate to admit that.

Not to mention the 2007 Grey Cup was very successful. May not have been the greatest fan experience, but it's pivotal to also appeal to "the suits" especially in Toronto were a sizable amount of sponsorship dollars come from.

Also it's Toronto by default anyways. You can't always have it out west. Not to mention Regina and Winnipeg are getting the Grey Cup once they get new stadiums. Ditto for Hamilton. Plus if you're going to have a Grey Cup in southern ontario, common sense dictates you want to have it in the middle of the centre of the universe.

What's so bad about going back to your roots, where it all started and having another very successful Grey Cup in Toronto?

Saskatchewan's the heart of the CFL...? Another Riders troll...

Anyway, like most have said, nothing wrong with having it in Toronto. I'm sure the league will go all out to make it one of the best.

the CFL needs more of a pressence in Toronto and southern Ontario.

the 100th and biggest Grey Cup in history will only help matters.

Yes, and combining it with the new stadium in Hamilton or Hamilton/GTA area for the 2015 Pan-Ams will add a further boost to our league and game around these parts.

I'm surprised this keeps coming up on this board. The CFL awarded the 100th Grey Cup to Toronto at the SAME TIME they were awarded the 2007 Grey Cup.

There is no way in a million years the CFL would not host this game in the media center of the country, despite all the issues the Argonauts have had the past couple of years.

Media = eyes. Eyes = sponsors. And the sponsors will demand that the game is hosted in Canada's most populated region.

Well, Hamilton would be an excellent alternative, especially if it has a new stadium by then.

You did have fun... and so did I. And that's not always a bad thing...


Agreed on both counts.

With a name like "prarieguy", your bias doesn't surprise me. Also, why an exclaimation mark after every sentence?
I attended the Grey Cup festivites in 2007 and I don't remember seeing a single person dressed in a suit at any of the Grey Cup parties. Not at Touchdown Manitoba, not at the Double Blue Bash, not at Riderville or Spirit of Edmonton. The only guys I saw in suits were the ex commish Tom Wright and the guys that carry around the Grey Cup.

As long as my team is in it, I don't care where it is!

It keeps coming up because there has been no official announcement by the League as to where the 100th Grey Cup will be played yet.

I just hope the Argonauts are in it. Personally would like to see an Argonaut-Eskimo grey cup that year. the teams that have one it the most.

Oh look, a Rider fan talking about self-centered Toronto and Saskatchewan as the 'heart of the CFL' in the same sentence. :lol:

In a gate-driven eight-team league, no one city or team is the heart. Every franchise is equally important to the long-term success of the CFL. Including the Argos. I'm perfectly fine with the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto. It's the biggest market in Canada, and the league as a whole will benefit from every attempt to create more Argo fans.

The official announcement was made in 2005 when the Argos were awarded both the 2007 and 2012 game at the same time. There was much discussion on this board at the time about that move by the league. Posters expressed the same kind of feelings they are on this post today...Toronto doesn't deserve it, Edmonton or Regina deserve it more etc etc.

But the reality is, the league is not going to place a game of this magnitude anywhere but Toronto. Is it right/fair/deserved? Probably not. But you only get 1 shot at a 100th anniversary game, so the CFL is going to put it where it the easiest for the media to cover it and where the sponsors who will want to be associated with the game get the most 'eyes' on their products. And that means Toronto/Southern Ontario.

I couldn't handle that....

Can you find a link to any official announcement? Here's a link to the official announcement about Toronto being awarded the 2007 Grey Cup and there is no mention of 2012 in it: http://www.cfl.ca/article/2007_grey_cup_awarded_to_toronto

Dont kid yourself the only reason why the 2007 cup was close to a success is because the riders were in it. If it had been BC vs Win. then no one who have been there. Toronto is not the only place in Canada> And as far as sponcers....If sponcers are signing up in Toronto then they are trying to appeal to a Toronto crowd..which ironicaly does not care about the cfl. Yes i get that there might be 20 to 30000 at a game..... but really? Thats the mecha of the CFL! 10 thousand real argo fans and 20 thousand band wagon jumpers. If the riders or argos are not in the 100th cup then it will be a disaster.