100th Year Top 5 All time players from each team


To commemorate the 100th CFL year here are my Top 5 players for each team. Whom are yours?

B.C. Lions: Joe Kapp, Willie Fleming, Geroy Simon, Tom Brown, Lui Passaglia

Edmonton Eskimos: Jackie Parker, Warren Moon, Dan Kepley, Normie Kwong, Brian Kelly, Ricky Ray

Calgary Stampeders: Wayne Harris, Allen Pitts, Larry Robinson, John Helton, Herman Harrison

Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Kenny Ploen, Leo Lewis, Milt Stegal, Frank Rigney, Greg Battle

Saskatchewan Roughriders: Ron Lancaster, George Reed, Gene Malkowsky, Roger Aldag, Jack Abendschan, Ray Elgaard

Toronto Argos- Doug Flutie, Dick Shatto, Mike Pinball Clemons, Dick Shatto, Conredge Holloway,

Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Darren Flutie, Angelo Mosca, Bernie Faloney, Garney Henley, John Barrow

Montreal Alouettes- Sam Etchevarry, Anthony Calvilho, Mike Pringle, Marv Luster, Terry Evanshen, Junior Ah-You, George Dixon

Ottawa Roughriders- Russ Jackson, Tony Gabriel, Ronnie Stewart, Whit Tucker, Dave Thelen, Bobby Simpson :rockin: :smiley: :cowboy:

Dick Shatto: a player so nice you named him twice.

Oops an error with my Top 5 toronto argos - I put Dick Shatto down twice and missed putting Terry Greer down. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

OOPS AGAIN - I put down six Saskatchewan Roughriders on the list :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Of course that should not surprise anyone based on My Riders history with counting :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :wink:

RiderS Rule!!

You also put 6 Eskimos, and 7 Alouettes. :wink:

Gotta find a way to add Cahoon to the Alouettes list!

Not Flutie. Flutie didn’t play in Hamilton long enough to be considered an all-time great Tiger-Cat (it’s why I was against his placement on the all-time team the Cats let fans vote on this year). I’d replace Flutie with either Earl Winfield, Joe Montford or Grover Covington. Too hard to pick just one. But if forced, here’s who I would pick as the top five greatest Tiger-Cats:

Angelo Mosca, Garney Henley, Grover Covington, Earl Winfield and Rob Hitchcock

I think this list needs people who have been watching the CFL for longer than what Turkey has been for this list to have any credibility.

I disagree withb70% of the names

[i]Ottawa Renegades

Kerry Joseph

Josh Ranek

Kelly Wiltshire

Jason Armstead

Yo Murphy[/i]

:cowboy: :cowboy:

Your right to disagree with 75% of my choices, that is easy to do. But, you point is lost on all of us unless you offer your choices for comparison. All done to honour the CFL. :rockin:

At least one player missing from each teams list, maybe more but it's late

BC - Mervin Fernandez

Calgary - Peter Liske/Terry Evanshen

Edmonton - Danny Bass/Gizmo Williams/Tom Wilkinson etc., etc., etc.,

Saskatchewan - Hugh Campbell

Winnipeg - Tray Westwood/Dave Raimey

Toronto - Can't think of anybody

Montreal - How could anybody associate Terry Evanshen with Montreal?

Hired gun - Doug Flutie great but no loyalty and not associated with any team.

I have only been around for 34 of 100 Grey Cups. I am not qualified to give a good opinion on this

picking all time best is really a fruitless exercize

I will just mention 5 of my favorite lions.

Lui, Merv, Taras, Millington, and Francis

honorable mention to , larry crawford, less browne, jim sandusky, john henry white, and harry holt

didnt mention the fluties only because they had more success with other teams

there should be a distinction made between players who either played their entire careers with a team, or most of their best years, as opposed to anyone who ever played in a game or for one season.

:cowboy: Terry Evanshen played the same amount of time with Montreal as with Calgary. He was a league all-star with Montreal in 1965 and 1971 and Most Outstanding Canadian in the CFL with Montreal in 1975.

That is why he is associated with Montreal. :rockin:

No player if given the choice would associate himself with an Eastern team. :cowboy: :cowboy:

Great player now matter which team claims him.

Ummmm.... given the counting ability of the Riders :slight_smile:, it should be no surprise that a keen fan would copy the team.

Actually a very good post, however very hard to pick all stars today as compared to 20 years ago. I've been watching CFL football live since 1957, watched every game for the last 20 years (once or twice) and consider myself a non expert. One of the biggest changes we see in the CFL over the last 20 years is a wide open passing offence. Previously we had punch down the middle runners and receivers who, if got 3 catches a game, were lucky. In addtion when you look at players, if you wanted to have a player play for you for 25 years or if you want a player to play spectacutar for you for 5 years, is another issue. I base these comments on a 5 year span only.

Best Quarter-backs: Warren Moon by a mile 17 years in the NFL in the hall of fame, Joe Thiesman and Jackie Parker, can you imagine they asked as a coach to play Quarter Back and return kick offs at the Grey Cup one of the most spectacular performances I have ever seen in my life. However if asked Flutie would have done the same thing.

Running Backs: Vic Washington by far who went on to star in the NFL, George Dixon, Dave Raimmey, Leo Lewis and the guy from Calgary in the 60's (just forgot his name) who was unstopable.

Receivers: Brian Kelly who caught anything near him, Mervin Fernandays, Terry Grear and Tony Gabriel.

Defensive Back: Everybody forgets about Larry Highbaugh, Quarter-Backs tried to desperately through away from him, returned punts and also played offensive wide receiver, probably one of the best athletes who ever played in the CFL followed by Joe Holliman EE.

Kick Off Returners: The best have been Gizmo Williams, Pinball Clements and from Toronto Rocket Izmali.

More thoughts come later.

Might you be thinking of Lovell Coleman from the Stamps way back then??

Calgary had 2 good RB's back then....the other player is Earl Lunsford.