100th GreyCup Tickets

Available in hand 4 double blue sec 110 and 5 Platinum in sec 512 , all seats include vanier
and are very reasonable price.

Is this Craigslist now?!?! :roll:

Hey. I'm looking for a pair of tickets, as long as its not extortion. I'm ok with it.

I'm looking for a pair of tix too. I've checked around and it is almost extortion right now. Checking various buy/sell sites most are laughable. I get it though. It's buisness so you high ball hoping someone gets desperate. Mind you at the prices for a pair of tickets to the Grey Cup ticket can get you season tickets in the equivelent section at stade Percival Molson.

One thing that was cool was the people offering to throw in tickets for the Vanier Cup with the purches of the GC tickets.

Generaly the prices spike the day before the big game, then drop dramatically the day of. I don't mind spending the extra cash for this event especially,if the football gods are on our side, the Als are in it. :thup:

[i]Geez... Johny's Craiglist mention was a joke. The only thing a dude can find on Craiglist are horny sick babes,,,

Madjack has a history of calling new posters "Shill". Fine, if Madajack sees them that way. The rests of us can still cheer AC amd McPherson![/i]

Anyone hear how ticket sales are going for the EF? Are we going to see 60,000 this year?

Hi to everyone, I have 2 tickets Sec 109D, Best offer and you be part of this wonderful 100th game of ours.No Scalpers please, just tell me what the League means to you. Everyone has a chance as I'm not going to let them go before East final. Go Als Go.

I don't think were going to get 60000 but maybe with walk up crowd 45000. I would be surprise as fans i know, just don't like the Big O. I'm bringing my Hard Hat.

I have Grey Cup Tickets on the 50 Yardline, 100 and 200 level, send me a message if interested, Thanks.

To all CFL fans out there, have two extra GREY CUP tickets (109D – 12 row). I am NOT interested in gouging anyone, would just like a fair offer. You can check out the prices yourself on the net. Pls contact me via this form if interested. Go Als Go

The 500 section just became available for the Vanier Cup game. 30,000 tix already sold. Likely going to break the attendance record of 32 thousand something back in 1989. I'll be looking forward to being there and the alouettes cheerleader party saturday night.

50,112 was a good attendance for the east final. Lions only drew 43,000 for a cup defending team. I'm glad to see the Lions out. Now they know that repeating isn't so easy.

I'm going to enjoy Calgary-Toronto. Staying neutral for this one. Trestman would be proud to see Milo win it all and so would I. Boulay-Desriveaux vs. Anwar Stewart. Someone's gonna get another ring.

Go CFL Go.

I have to admit that once my team isn't part of the mix, my interest is rather minimal, but the Argos-Stamps GC should be a good one.

Now, I'm concentrating on my other favourite team, Notre Dame. A W is USC (a difficult task) will assure them an invitation to compete for the BSC championship. A L and it will depend how the other top seeds fare. At any rate, they've had a great - and perfect! - season so far. At present, they are #1!!!!

To me, the Amercian college game is what football is all about for me. The hoopla, marching bands, cheerleaders, 80,000 - 100,000 screaming fans...

These tickets are no longer available.