100th Grey Cup

So I took a stroll a couple years ago through Rosedale Park, site of the first Grey Cup in 1909.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a couple local rugby or football clubs practice for a few weeks and replay the game on the site according to the rules used in 1909?

I vaguely remember from the plaque that the 1st Grey Cup MVP secured the award by scoring 7 or 8 rouges.. a Grey Cup record that stands to this day.

I guess people deliberately tried to score singles back then.

Good idea! I like it.

I will volunteer my old boys rugby team to take part.

That would be fantastic and I’d love to attend something myself. Hopefully something significant will be done for the 100th GC at the historic site.

They better do SOMETHING special for the 100th, seeing as how the 75th was a complete non-event other than the game. The 100th should be a HUGE media event, promoted FAR AND WIDE because there is simply nothing else like in the North America.

maybe this could wake Toronto from its football coma? :twisted:

Phil Lind probably doesn't have a clue about his own city beyond his immediate wealthy neibhbourhood and where the fanciest restaurants are in the city. Unless they have a mayor who actually knows something about the history of the city he is in charge of, I wouldn't doubt that the city will contribute zilch to anything for the 100th despite the fact it is the city where the Grey Cup was born, more or less of course, that's a different story.

I have confidence that something special will happen. After this years amazing nut crunching TSN coverage it looks like there are those in the media (TSN) that think the CFL is the best thing ever in Canada & Canadian sports (& they are right!). They spared no expense & provided better coverage than I have ever seen. I'm sure that they will put together some sort of big event & a look back at the first GC game. TSN really seems to be in love with the CFL... So I'm hoping that the 100th will blow my brains out!

And people are rewarding TSN for its stellar coverage by watching in droves, but 100th celebrations aren't entirely up to TSN. The CFL has to have some major events for TSN to cover.