100th Grey Cup video with Tragically Hip

Just saw this video that opened the Montreal - Calgary game. FANTASTIC! Don't know who to congratulate - the league or TSN but it was brilliant! I suspect it was Keifer Sutherland doing the voice-over as well.
If you missed it, can some one post the YouTube link as I can't see it yet....

Yeah, Cuthbert mentioned that it was Sutherland. I also thought it was a great video. I'm sure the league will upload it soon. :thup:

They played that video at Ivor Wynne before the game on Friday (I'm sure they did the same at every stadium this week) and it's fantastic. I hate The Tragically Hip, but that was a good song choice for that video. Kudos to everyone involved in creating it.

Here's the link, thanks to Dave Randorf. :thup:


The big 100! Should be sweet!!

Just saw that road to the 2011 Grey Cup featuring BC last night on TSN. Pretty cool.

I like what TSN has been doing with the CFL over the years...they just have tweak a couple of their comentators , ie Rod B.

It seems like the CFL is getting a tad stronger each year, but when one looks at the greed in the NHL and the cost to go to one of their games compared to a CFL game.....better entertainment value in a CFL!

Excellent video. :thup: and thanks for posting it.

I saw THE HIP , on June , 30th , 2012. :rockin: