100th Grey Cup - Toronto 2012

People in Toronto know what a Grey Cup is but the issue most don't want to acknowledge it because it goes agains't what they've become en large, a big Canadian city that thinks it has to adore everything American to say who they are. But they know the truth, there is no denying history, first Grey Cup in Toronto and now we are closing in on the 100th. This cannot be denied because it's truth, no matter how much people chose to turn their heads to the truth. And that's including your Mr. Lind. The 100th Grey Cup is coming to Toronto, it's coming and it's coming big time, ignore or be left to wallow in the fact you don't know who you are.

Well Said Earl! You have just made me excited for this 2012 Grey Cup! Good Stuff! I am on board and now this thread may die . . . 8)

TO is not deserving to host the 2010 grey cup. I have been to 7 Grey cups. Most of the city did not know there was a game on. I remember going into tim hortons before the game with my jersey on and face painted. everyone asked what I was here for and this was close to down town. I would pick any city before TO.
Over the years the other teams in the legue have had to help TO to stay going. Yet with limited support they seem to always get best the legue can offer.
I feel so strongly about how unfair this is I will consider not attending another grey cup!

the People of Toronto are Fantastic . its just the in thing to bash the city personally i think the Grey Cup will be a huge success and the best place for it . where else would you like to play but in the Center of the Universe.

Of course it will be a huge success. They're going to do it up right.

Toronto is a HUGE city people. The CFL is far from the only game in town. There are people there who live most of their life completely oblivious to popular culture. That's just the way it is in a gigantic multicultural megalopolis. Don't worry though, this particular Grey Cup will get superb coverage, and if anybody is even the tiniest bit tuned in to events in the city they will know about it. It will be a Big Deal.

I love this argument, How was your attendance 10 years ago? When your team was 3-15?

1999 -

Week? Attendance?
3 19,785
4 18,256
6 19,545
7 16,554
9 29,249
11 18,231
13 17,715
15 16,448
16 18,166

Toronto Averaged : 26,374 during a 3-15 season
Sask Averaged: 19,328

The Dome arranged as it is now seats about 32,000 max. for Argo games.

No offense, but if your team shows up with a 3-15 record I wouldn't be surprised to see people stop going to the games again.

2005, the riders were drawing 22,000 and 23,000 to some games.
dido for 2006.
and these were both playoff teams.

it is only very recently the riders have become the money machine they are now.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Koshan/2010/06/11/14362101.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Ko ... 62101.html[/url]

David Braley may be getting back-to-back Grey Cups, but satisfaction remains elusive.

The owner of both the Argonauts and the B.C. Lions, named a senator in May, envisions plenty of years of hard work before the Argos’ fan base is solid in Toronto.

Being awarded the right to play host to the 2012 Grey Cup — something that was announced officially on Friday afternoon by the Canadian Football League after months of rumours — will help, but it won’t be a quick-fix solution.

“There is no question that we have a problem in southern Ontario,? Braley said.

“For the league to grow further, we have to improve the Argonaut franchise and the Hamilton franchise. If we strengthen the Argonauts franchise, Hamilton will be pulled along with it because they are like brothers.

“Normally it would be a five-to-seven year project, but I think we can probably get it done in three-to-four years, because the Grey Cup game will help us do that.?

The Argos averaged more than 26,000 fans last season as they won just three games, but not everyone paid for their tickets. Braley wants butts in the seats at the Rogers Centre, but he does not want to give ducats away.

Since taking over the Argos from David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski in February, Braley has been pouring thousands of dollars into a revamped marketing campaign. Argos billboards exist in Toronto where other companies once peddled their products before.

“More people know the word ‘Argos’ than ‘Argonauts,’ ? Braley said.

“The huge thing that came out of our marketing survey was the connection between how the average fan relates to the player. They make the same amounts of money, drive cars on the same streets, they have the same problems with dentists.

“Our job is to make sure the Argos players are very accessible, just like (Canadian football Hall of Famer) Hal Patterson was to me when I was youngster. I could get on my bicycle and go get an autograph. Those are the things you have to market.

“You have to reach out to the people. The customer is always right. The customer decides what he or she wants to see.?

And that includes on television. Braley has been playing around with the idea of blacking out a couple of Argos homes games, as is his right, but probably will not do so in 2010.

“We’re leaning heavily to not having any blackouts this year,? Braley said.

“It’s tough to make that decision without all of the facts ... I can’t guarantee it but it looks like (there will be no blackouts in Toronto).?

The Argos have won seven games in two years, and Braley must realize that no amount of marketing would aid as much as an Argos appearance in the 2012 Grey Cup. The headlines will be waiting, as it will be the 100th Grey Cup, and one that involves a host that is the oldest football franchise in North America.

“There is no question I keep tabs on things (on the field),? Braley said. “It’s far too early.

“The game is won or lost along the front line. Can you give your quarterback three seconds to throw the ball or is he on his backside? It’s not hard to figure out what has to be done.

“I think we have improved our offensive line and now we are trying to find a quarterback to adjust to what we need to do.?

The bottom line, after all, is the bottom line.

Braley put forth the idea the 2012 Cup can bring up to $120 million of economic benefit to the GTA and the province of Ontario.

“The Grey Cup is the most important financial item that the CFL, outside of television, has,? Braley said.

“To hold a Grey Cup in your community helps build your fans and your fan base. It’s going to be something on a scale here that has not been seen before.?

The people of TO are fantastic. This is not a slam against multiculturism or the city of TO. Nor is this a plug to have it in Regina. As I previously posted I have been to a number of grey cups. There was abosolutly no atmosphere in TO at the last grey cup other than immediatly around the stadium. No one knew there was a game on or if they did, did not care. Why would you award this celebration of our legue to a city that does not care.
I challenge Larry to get involved, down to the grass roots and get a read on this topic, put it to vote.
I know my view is shared by many.

It appears that Braley has done far more homework, and therefore knows far more about the Argos' market, than any of the naysayers do.

This is not about the argo market. It is about the CFL. Again, why put the game in a place that the city will not even know or care the game is there. It is not a slight on the argo organization or fans. It is the rest of the city. We share a league that people travel all across the counrty to attend and experence the grey cup weekend and game. The city 0f TO does not have the atmopher or excitment for the game.
I think the CFL owes a duty to the faithful fans that were there during the tough times and traveled across the country to support the events and game. These are the people that are questioning why the 2010 game was awarded to TO.
The motto is "this is our league". Why not listen ?

Argos are as much a part of the league as any other team. And don't write off the marketing efforts that will go into this game before it has barely started. You don't improve the popularity of anything in a particular region by ignoring it. That's marketing 101.


Well we prairie people with 'dumb comments' supported your G.C. in BC, and sorry to say ( I paid big cash to stay downtown Van and had a great time, make that fantastic time) but similar to TO, very few people knew why I was dressed up and cheering for the Esks. It would be a shame if this happened in TO for the 100th, I will be in Edmonton this fall watching the game..... hope you will have the pleasure of coming too... even if the Leo's aren't in it.

Marketing 101 - make money, forget about the past, Riders have higher attendance for away games, sell more jerseys than all the others combined.... maybe they should have a contribution... lets learn from this, or since you know the CFL so well Geroy, please tell me what is going so well for the Riders?... try to forget marketing 101 the way Betman has taught, it is better to have a marginal teams in small markets like Q.C. and Winnipeg that pack the stands, than bankrupt teams with empty stadiums in large markets like in Phoenix.

Lets expand to Halifax, now that is a football town... give them the 100th G.C.

Look, Toronto has a lot of issues with all sorts of things besides sports - crime, gridlock on the roads, big city mentality and not knowing how they fit in with a large part of the rest of Canada ie. they probably know more as a general population living there about the history of a city in a different country like Boston compared with say Winnipeg right here in their own country. But the fact is, as said, there are some great Canadians in Toronto and great Argo fans and they don't deserve to be belittled, especially if they have an owner who is willing to put money into hosting the 100th GC and a city willing to chip in nicely as well.

Good on Toronto to show they want this game. :thup:

Forgot to say that I bet many other cities in Canada have a lot of people who know more about US history than Canadian history, not just a Toronto thing.

New idea for the CFL. Fold Every team that isn't in Alberta or Saskatchewan. Then we'd have a fantastic league. All the CFL's problems come from Toronto, blah, blah, blah.

It's funny you have such a short memory to remember that just a few years ago how the riders were struggling. In fact, at one point or another I could say that about pretty much any team in the CFL.

Funny you talk about marketing, yet you fail to acknowledge the fact that regardless anyway you try to spin it, the 2007 Grey Cup was very successful. You want to talk about marketing, yet you want to forget about history. Newsflash, the CFL's marketing is almost entirely wrapped around the idea of being Canada's league for over 100 years. Why do you think they're doing CFL retro all the time?

Don't worry, I'll be in Edmonton and can't wait. There's no question Edmonton does the Grey Cup great.

Mark my words. Toronto will put on a very exciting and successful Grey Cup in 2012.

There are so many Toronto-haters out there, I've just come to except it. It all boils down to jealousy and envy. Yes, I'll admit that some people in the city don't follow the CFL AT ALL. In fact, when my buddies and I were at the Grey Cup in 2007 we got off the subway and were walking to the Touchdown Manitoba box social and some lady in a business suit asked our group "why are so many pepople dressed up in jersey's?". She had no idea the Grey Cup was going on. We just laughed at her and kept walking. In a city of 2.5 million, you'r gonna get your share of idiots.

The entertainment industry in Toronto isn't one dimensional. As a Toronto Sports fan, I support the Argos, Leafs and Jays (I don't care for the Raptors but I know a ton of other Argo fans who do). I'll probably never be an Argo seasonal ticket holder. I go to a few games every year. I'll watch the others on TV and go to the Grey Cup every year. But at the end of the day, there's only so much of my hard earned money to go around. I go to my share of Jays games and Leaf games. I buy my share of Leafs merchandise and Jays merchandise. So there's other things that get a piece of the "entertainment slice" of my financial pie.

If the Argos were the only show in town, I'd probably be a season ticket holder and own more merchandise. There would be more of my money I could focus on the Argos. In Toronto, it's always going to be like this....unless other sports franchises in the city start to fold.

we got off the subway and were walking to the Touchdown Manitoba box social and some lady in a business suit asked our group "why are so many pepople dressed up in jersey's?

That's too funny and it actually adds to Grey Cup lore I think. My wife and me were there and ate at a Korean restaurant near the Univ of Toronto and we had our TiCats stuff on and some students looked at us and laughed a bit and were saying look, they have some football stuff on and kept on giggling. We friggin loved it, it was funny. Hey, only in Toronto. It was great in some ways, we were bringing to Toronto some historical Canadian culture that these students, who probably never took a course in Canadian history in their life, and right in their faces. They probably thought they were still living in Korea or Asia somewhere.

And 2012 is going to be a whole lot more of this. I love it. Wear CFL stuff around town, the looks you'll get from these immigrants and people who wannabee immigrants will be priceless.

Toronto is a hoot in this respect. And I'm not even talking about the "NFL only counts people" or "soccer is the only type of football people", love getting a rise out of these sorts there as well.

I know, we can all do a sort of "Pride" type of parade, well, in this case pride is a bit different than what pride has become in Toronto and other cities. My ex will love this. :lol: :lol:

No need to be a Toronto hater, the opposite actually, thank them for allowing us to laugh at THEM who don't have a clue what Canadian history is even though they live in this country. :wink:

Actually marking 101 is “listening to your customers?. Making money is a result of listening. When the cfl did not listen, it just about folded.

Simon, you are right on the mark when you say “fold every team that is not in Alberta of Saskatchewan?. But it is reversed. There is one team in Canada and that is TO. And actually it is an insult as for several years the other teams in the cfl had to contribute to TO to keep the team afloat. We just think there are cities that are more deserving. . I would rather see the game in Hamilton. TO had the game 2 years ago.

I challenge Larry to take off his suit, put on a pair of jean and drive into the game from out of town. He may begin to understand. The agro fans are great, it is the city that is apathetic. . There was nothing to indicate the game was on other than down town beside the stadium.

Why award it to an aphetic city. At the last grey cup in TO no one was aware there was a football game. Or they did not care both are bad but I suspect the later is closer to the truth and is worse. This is a great league, just give the game to a city that actually cares.

In business you are to take care of the “golden goose?. In the CFL that is the fans. Why go into a market that does not care with such a golden event. Why not stop and listen to the people that spend the money and faithfully travel across the country year in and year out to experience not only the game but the events leading up to the game. We were there when the league was dying. It was the grass root fans from all across Canada that cared that brought this league back. We all remember the apathy and Simon, if you where a fan then, you will to. Why return to apathy. Let TO stand up for once on their own and show they deserve it, and then give it to them. It should be awarded to a place that deserves it.

Birdman... that is just what I am afraid of happening with the 100th... just anywhere else... I would love to go to Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver. Just not Regina or Toronto. Can't we use it as a chip to get a team in Halifax or Quebec City, Mississauga?