100th Grey Cup tickets almost sold out !

Cup tickets almost sold out, Argo tickets benefit too

The 2012 Grey Cup and the perceived improvement in the football are having a "profound effect" on season's ticket sales of the Toronto Argonauts, according to the man who is at the top of both pyramids.

"There's been a lot of excitement," says Chris Rudge, CEO of the Argos and chief executive of the 2012 Grey Cup Festival, "whether it's the Grey Cup or what the Argos have done in the football department in getting a new coach, Ricky Ray and Jason Barnes."

Acknowledging that the team was staring with a modest ticket season base---he wouldn't say how many subscribers the club has---Rudge said that new season's ticket sales are up 500 per cent over last year and that renewals of season's tickets are up 100 per cent.

And, he added, the Grey Cup is almost sold out.

"When the public sale begins in June there will be only about 1000 tickets left," he said. "And all (130) the corporate boxes will be sold out by May."

While there are various sizes of boxes, a luxury box for the Grey Cup Game rents for an average of $20,000.

"The Grey Cup is having a big impact on the city and on our team," Rudge said.


Nice! :thup:

Great news, but I can't help but laugh at those percentage figures that mean very little when the actual numbers are not divulged. Sounds like the Phoenix Coyotes.

Captain, the Argonauts in Toronto playing out of the baseball-first Rogers Centre, need all the positive news they can get even if, as you say, without the numbers it doesn't really tell that much. Let's not rain on the parade, shall we? :wink:

Hey Earl, are you saying: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"? "Or the one"? :lol:

Wow, great news for the Argos! Only 1000 tickets left for the Grey Cup with the game 9 months away!!

Contrast that with the NFL, which had to pull next August's exhibition game out of Toronto. Why? Supposedly because of a scheduling conflict (in 6 months) for an event which hasn't even signed yet and Rogers refused to name. We all know the real reason. Rogers knew they couldn't sell more than 15,000 tickets and would be hard pressed to give away another 20,000 tickets like they've done for the previous Bills games at Skydome. Moving the NFL game out of Toronto will be a huge relief for Rogers and the NFL.

The Grey Cup game will be an incredible money-maker for the Argos, with over $15 million in ticket revenue plus another $3-4 million for the 130 private boxes (also nearly sold-out). This will be almost pure profit for the Argos if the revenues are split similarly to the GC in Vancouver. in 2011, the league waived their normal $3.5M fee for the game in return for 100% of the sponsorship revenues...and the stadium rental was free in return for 100% of the concession revenues. So add in revenue from the Grey Cup Festival and hospitality rooms, the Argos could be looking at a incredibly huge payday...enough to cover their operating expenses for another decade or longer. :thup:

I don't think there is any comparison with a Bills pre-season game. If you are trying to say that somehow Torontonians have lost interest in the NFL and somehow have run out and bought Grey Cup tickets that is ridiculous. Any NFL pre-season game is not well attended, the Bills are not Toronto's team, CFL pre-season games are not well attended either. I think the ARgos are lucky to get 10,000 fans for a pre-season game.

The Grey Cup is THE game in Canada and traditionally ticket buyers come from across Canada to attend this game. Torontonians didn't buy all of the Grey Cup tickets.
If you want to see the effect of the interest in the CFL in Toronto a better gauage of interest is the to look at the number of ARGO season ticket sales.

I think it's great that the Grey Cup is almost sold out, the CFL is popular across Canada but the Argos aren't going to turn it around over night and I still don't see hope for them surviving. If Torontonians don't want to see the Argos disappear they better come out and buy Argo tickets, and we haven't seen that yet.

That’s the national beauty here, most of the tickets I’m sure are purchased from outside, well outside the GTA, maybe even more than half from out of province. It’s really a national celebration, the Grey Cup and especially the 100th. This event doesn’t need a lot of support from the GTA.

Bills games, Leafs games, Argos games, Raptors games, Blue Jays games, TFC games (ok it’s all about Toronto :wink: ) are not national in flavour and most tickets are bought by people living in the GTA I’m sure. A much more “provincial” affair.

I almost wish they would organize the people/seating by team affiliation. I think there would be something surreal about seeing entire sections of team colors at the Grey Cup from the overhead camera.

Caution! When they say that the tickets are already sold out, that does not mean that those tickets are now in the hands of those who will plant their butts in seats at the game.

More likely, it means that the tickets have been allocated to the individual teams. Of the tickets allocated to the B.C. Lions, how many have now been bought by fans, and how many will be returned to Toronto for sale here?

I don't doubt for one minute that the game will be sold out, but it's premature to assume that the tickets are alredy in the hands of the ultimate attendees.

Let the system run its course. There will be a parade. There will be a game. The stadium will be packed. And, Toronto will pat itself on the back for hosting another spectacular Grey Cup.

Just too bad that their own team will be in the stands lamenting another lost season!

I don't think they have done a Grey Cup Parade's in years. Yes. Toronto will pat themselves on the back but most football fans in Toronto will be more excited about the Bills game at the end of the season.
Good article here which sums up football in TO


Any time we can rain on the Argo's parade is a good time...................... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Didn't see who wrote this post but guessed it must be mikem, and yup, guessed correctly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Excitement per se doesn't nesessarily equal respect, remember that my friend and stay thirsty as well. :wink:

I'd rather be amongs't fans who respect what they see rather than excited, on whatever, what they see. :wink:

I don't mean to pick on you mikem, but you do make some outrageous statements...like your two comments above. There was a Grey Cup parade last year in Vancouver and parades at all the recent GC's including the previous Vancouver game in 2005.

You say most football fans in Toronto are more excited about the Bills game than the Grey Cup (and how do you know this?) yet you claim the reason why the Bills in Toronto series wasn't that successful was because the Bills aren't popular in Toronto? You can't have it both ways. Recent surveys have shown the CFL is as popular or more popular than the NFL in Toronto. There are many, many fans who enjoy both leagues.

The profits from GC 100 will be enough to cover any losses by the Argos for the next decade. So I wouldn't worry about the team surviving. With the CFL's tight fiscal controls, teams need only 25,000 fans to be viable and the Argos are drawing close to that number.

We should also remember that all the Argo home games are televised in Toronto, which is a season-ticket killer over-time when there are plenty of good seats available for single-game purchase. The Ticats are in much the same boat. These two franchises haven't been adhering to the league's home blackout policy (along with the Ottawa Renegades) which has contributed to their low season ticket bases. This isn't necessarily an indication the teams aren't popular (just look at the high CFL TV ratings in S. Ontario), but casual fans have little incentive to buy season's tickets with good seats available and home games on TV.

This will all change in Hamilton with the reduced capacity of their new stadium. The Ticats should see season's tickets "sellout" to the maximum...probably with a waiting list...and there will be no talk about blackouts.


Who said the Bills series is not popular in Toronto? The Dolphins game was played in front of a crowd of close to 50,000, most fans paid $181 a ticket!!! Toroptonians are excited about the NFL but don't get too excited about the CFL. I just can't see Torontonians excited about holding the Grey Cup there and that will make any difference to season ticket sales.


As for the CFL attracting 25,000 to make a profit, that all depends on how much the tickets are doesn't it?
I am sure if they charge $50 a ticket times 25,000 that would be reasonable I would agree with you. Comibine that with the expensive "Box seats" and Private booths they make money. If it's like the situation in Hamilton where 20% of the tickets were freebies and the tickets sold were in the $30 average then no they will never make money.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/587582--mitchell-answers-questions]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... -questions[/url]

As for Grey Cup Parades? Why? what's the point they are a silly, parades should be for Santa Claus. The last Grey Cup I went to was in Ottawa and there was no parade, they said that it was the new trend, to do away with parades and have more "hands on" events.

Why is the Argos televising their home games a season ticket killer? ALL CFL cities televise their home games. Does it kill season tickets in all the other cities too?

From Dave Naylor,

David William Naylor ? @TSNDaveNaylor

2012 Grey Cup is virtually sold out. About 1000 more tickets to be released in June. Rest are held back for sponsors, teams, argo ST holders

Nice job David. :thup: And you as well Grover for pointing that out here. :thup:

I don't know where you get your information and / or if you have been paying attention but your facts are ALL wrong.

  1. Here is how the GREY CUP tickets are being sold.

a] there was a 100 hour only ticket buying opp. just after the G.C. in , B.C.
Of all of the G.C. tickets sold during that 100 hour sale , 18,000 of them where sold in the GTA.

b] NEXT... ARGO season ticket holders and companies were phoned and asked how many G.C. tickets they wanted to buy.
After all of that the only seats left were for the 1000 to 2000 given to other CFL teams.

The vast majority of G.C. tickets were bought by CFL fans in the GTA and by ARGO fans. :thup:

  1. You seem to be the only person in Canada who doesn't know that the BILLS in Toronto games bombed.
    Even The T. Star and The T. Sun has written many articles about that.
    NO Bills in TORONTO game has even close to 50,000 paying customers. :lol:
    ROGERS gave away 10s of thousands of free tickets for each game.
    The last BILLS game had "announced ticket sales" of just 29,000 and that was a regular season game.
    Even then they gave away some tickets to places like MEALS ON WHEELS [my wife works for them].

  2. There are MORE CFL fans in Ontario than NFL fans. It is a myth that it is the other way around. :roll:
    MORE people have ARGO and HAMILTON season tickets [by far] than BILLS fans from Canada , do.
    The BILLS can't even come close to selling out 1 game a year.
    Both the CATS and the ARGOS have sold tickets for 10 home games a year. Who has sold more tickets?
    Hamilton & The ARGOS over 20 home games or the BILLS for 1 to 2 games a year?????????????????????????

The CFL's T.V. ratings are much higher than the NFL 's are in ONTARIO.

It is nice that the vast majority of tickets sold were to the GTA area and to Argo fans.

So thank you to CAT fans , as well.

Wouldn't it be something if the CATS and the ARGOS met in the EAST FINAL? :cowboy:

Hi sadargofan:

It seems improbable at this time, but technically the Argos and Tiger cats could meet in the Grey cup if one of them crossed over for the playoffs.

That could be a most historic matchup!!!