100th Grey Cup Program

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but figured I would give it a shot. I am looking for a game day program from the 100th Grey Cup. I attended and bought one, but recently it was severely damaged by a spill in my home. Haven't been able to find a replacement anywhere online.

Anyone know where I could find one?? It's a nice keepsake that I'd like to have but the damaged one isn't much good to me anymore.


I don't have a program, but I have the $60.00 parking pass and a tshirt stained with the $17 hotdog and $24 beer I had at the game.


No luck on ebay?

I have found nothing online, looked everywhere. Closest I got was a program that Ricky Ray signed but I wasn't interested in the $75 price tag for it.

Someone did msg me on the boards here though and may have an extra one so I might be in luck. But beyond that I haven't found anything. Seems lots of Grey Cup programs are being sold online but oddly enough nothing from the 100th game.

I'd be giving the CFL ... (Head Office) a try.

Yup. (thumbs up)

Where did you see the program signed by RR?

I think it was on eBay but its long gone. Theres one signed by the whole team (apparently) but its $500 on Kijiji.